New Pubs in Create Stamping Feb 2013

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend? I was out playing the whole weekend so I will just share some projects that were published in Create: Stamping February 2013.

1. A happy party card with a play on border stamp. Original post here.

Create Stamping Feb 2013 - My Favorite Stamp
As seen in Create Stamping Idea Book February 2013.

2. This card was made a year ago. And yes, speech bubbles are still hot! Original post here

Create Stamping Feb 2013 - Simple Things
As seen in Create Stamping Idea Book February 2013.

3. A tag using my favorite paper by Amy Tan. Original post here.

Create Stamping Feb 2013 - Tag
As seen in Create Stamping Idea Book February 2013.

 4. A memory game tin gift. Original post here.

Create Stamping Feb 2013 - Gift Tin
As seen in Create Stamping Idea Book February 2013.

5. I was playing with Freestyle Collage on this bag. I enjoyed the whole layering process.

Create Stamping Feb 2013 - Gift Bag
As seen in Create Stamping Idea Book February 2013.

Whew~~ Don’t they take the cutest photos? Publication is such a fun and rewarding game to play! :) If you are not familiar with the process, below are links to the publication calls I submit to. These two are my favorite magazines and they are different in styles. Study one or two of their issues to get a feeling of what they are looking for is my best advice.

1. Northridge Publications. (CARDS, Create Idea Books and Simply Handmade)

They usually have calls for two months up at a time with due dates of every 1st of the month. The acceptance emails usually go out within 2 weeks after the deadline (on 8-14th every month). The part I like most about Northridge calls is that they are very general – you can interpret the call anyway you would like – just be creative and have fun. And you can submit projects you’ve shared on your blog (but not have been published in any magazine).

2. Paper Crafts Magazine (Paper Crafts, Stamp It! Cards, Card Creations, etc.)

Paper Crafts has calls go out every month for regular and special issues. Once you have a card published with them, you will have the details emailed to you every time. The projects for PC  must be brand new, never before seen. The calls usually end on a Monday and the acceptance emails will go out on the Friday. Here are some helpful articles written by the creative editor Susan R. Opel: Debunking the Mysteries of Submission and Behind the Scenes with Paper Crafts Magazine.

I’ve learned and grown so much by submitting to magazines. I hope that you are (or will) too! :) Thank you for stopping by! Happy creating!

8 thoughts on “New Pubs in Create Stamping Feb 2013

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    Congrats on all the pubs Nina! Your work is so fun and fresh. My favorite is that Amy Tangerine tag. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. taheerah says:

    Loved seeing all these pubs Nina – each and every one is fabulous! I haven’t bought this special issue yet but I just might have to now!

  3. maria f. says:

    Such fun cards. Congrats Nina. I’ve just started submitting and it’s a whole new ball game. Pretty time consuming but oh-so-rewarding. Didn’t realize that CARDS accepted projects that have been on a blog/in a challenge. (And interesting to hear that they may take 2 weeks to respond.) But I have often wondered why sometimes card thumbnails show “out for publication”. Guess that might explain it. TFS.

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