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Scalloped Top Box Printable Template

What a Friday! This morning, I received my acceptance email from Paper Crafts Magzine!! I am one of the 21 newbies! Leaping for joy! I am going to be a published card maker / stamper! Yay! And my valentine heart top boxes project with free templates is featured on Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store Blog and their Facebook page!! Ok, here goes my  new project: Scalloped Top Boxes! I made this box for a set of felt coasters for hubby:) He is a 100% “less is more” guy so… I like this one the most myself: Tuck in some crafty goodies for a friend! A roll of ribbon or some beautiful embellishments! Download the template here: PDF (Craftsy) or here (backup link) Assemble: 1. Print and cut the shape out following the solid outlines. 2. Score the dashed lines on the front of your paper for crisp edges: 3. Add adhesive as […]

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Free Valentine Gift Card Holder (Heart Top Box) Templates (PDF & .studio)

Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away, let’s make some lovely holders with hearts on top, shall we? :) Tie some pretty ribbon around your cards and they will still fit ok. :) And this time, I tried something new:) I made a true print-cut-fold-and-done template! Show in the photo below: Fully printed in the front and real washi decorated in the back :) I actually like the printed one better myself:) For flexibility, I threw in a blank printable template as well :) Here is a little preview of the patterned template: I used pastel colors because it helps saving printer inks (hopefully) :) The colors are sampled from this photo on design-seeds.com. (I love all the palettes they have! All!) Download Patterned PDF Printable Template (folds are different from the blank one below) Download PDF Printable Template (Blank, print at 100% on the back of letter-sized paper) Download […]

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