Waffle Flower Fall 2017 Release - Day 1

on July 17, 2017

Waffle Flower Fall 2017 Release - Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Fall 2017 release week! 

From Monday to Wednesday of this week, we will reveal the full product images with amazing card samples from the design team. All products will be available for purchase on Thursday, July 20!

We have 3 stamp sets with matching die by Helen Dardik to share today! Along with 3 stand-alone dies! Click on the links below to quickly jump to the section!

Hooray Stamp Set (271122) & Matching Die (310152)

Fruity Thank You Stamp Set (271123) & Matching Die (310153)

Enveloper From Stamp Set (271124) & Matching Die (310154)

Scenery Die (310160)

Cutaway Alpha Die (310161)

Cutaway Numbers Die (310162)

Hooray Stamp Set

SKU: 271122; Size: 4x6"; MSRP: $16

Hooray Matching Die

SKU: 310152; Size: 4.5"x6"; MSRP: $30

Fruity Thank You Stamp Set

SKU: 271123; Size: 4x6"; MSRP: $16


Fruity Thank You Matching Die

SKU: 310153; Size: 4.15"x5.55"; MSRP: $28

Enveloper FROM Stamp Set

SKU: 271124; Size: 4x6"; MSRP: $16


Enveloper FROM Matching Die

SKU: 310154; Size: 4.85"x6.75"; MSRP: $32

Scenery Die

SKU: 310160; Size: 1.75"x6.5"; MSRP: $14

Cutaway Alpha Die

SKU: 310161; Size: 3.75"x5.75"; MSRP: $30

Cutaway Numbers Die

SKU: 310162; Size: 2.35"x3.25"; MSRP: $12


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Fall 2017 Sneak Peek 7 - Enveloper FROM

on July 04, 2017

Hello everyone! We are excited to share another sneak peek to our Fall 2017 release!

We have 12 stamps and 15 dies in this release! All products will be available on July 20!

Enveloper FROM Stamp Set

4x6 stamp set with matching dies. Illustrated by Helen Dardik.

Shipping July 20, 2017

Thank you for stopping by! See you tomorrow for another sneak peek!