[TT Video] Using Only One Layer from a Layering/Builder Stamp Set by Channin

Hello everyone! Channin here with a new technique video to share with you all! This week I am showing you another approach you can take with your layering or builder stamp sets plus I will share some positioning tips for your alphabet stamps when you are creating your own sentiment. And you don’t want to miss the end where I share all 8 cards I created with these techniques!

[TT Video] Using Only One Layer from a Layering/Builder Stamp Set by Channin

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First, I arranged the letter stamps that I needed to create my sentiment in my MISTI. For these cards I used letters from the Cutaway Alpha Stamp Set and the Be My Guest Stamp Set

When I create my own sentiments, I always count my letters to find the approximate center point and I use an acetate grid (which I created myself) to help me get everything lined up just right. Also if my sentiment contains multiples of the same letter but I only have one I will use a “stand-in” letter that is similar in size to act as a place holder which I will eventually replace with the correct letter after I have stamped the first portion of my sentiment. So for example, I used an “R” to act as a place holder for the second “P” in “HAPPILY” and an “F” for an “E” in “AFTER”. After I had all the letters positioned correctly I removed the “R” and the “F” and then inked up the remaining letters and embossed them. Then after I heat set the embossing powder I arranged the second “P” and the missing “E” in the spaces I had left for them and then stamped and embossed them as well.

Once my sentiment was complete I arranged the first layer rose stamps, “B1” and “A1”, and the leaves from the Stitched Roses stamp set in the upper right corner of my card base. I then stamped and embossed them and then rotated my card 180 degrees and stamped and embossed them again but this time in the lower left corner of my card.

Lastly, I ink blended the outer edges of my card base with dye ink that was the same hue as my card stock but just a darker shade. Once I finished my ink blending, I folded a 7” x 9 7/8” rectangle of 110 lb white cardstock in half and adhered it inside my colored cardstock to add strength to my card.

Here’s a couple of other cards I made with Stitched Cacti Stamp Set. Just like my previous cards I also used the Cutaway Alpha and the Be My Guest Stamp Sets to create my sentiment. I also only used only the first layer stamp to create the cacti, however, I decided to do gradation stamping instead of the embosssing I did with the roses.

I hope you enjoyed and I have inspired you to look at your layering/builder stamp sets a little differently! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!





Cutaway Alpha Stamp Set

Be My Guest Stamp Set

Stitched Roses Stamp Set 

Stitched Cacti Stamp Set