designteamheadshots-nicholHello everyone! It's Nichol here with another It's in the Details video! Mixing and matching images from different stamp sets is one of my favorite ways to create a card. The new Special Delivery Stamp Set is the perfect set to try out this technique! I added images from the Stocking and Willy & Friends stamp sets with the drawstring bag image from Special Delivery to build this holiday card. A simple embossed resist background created with a design from the Stocking Stamp Set is the perfect accent for this scene card.

[Video] It's in the Details featuring Special Delivery, Stocking and Willy & Friends

Watch it below or on our Youtube Channel Finished Card wfc-20160923-specialdelivery-nicholspohr-1 And a closeup! wfc-20160923-specialdelivery-nicholspohr-2