WFC-Nina-HeadshotHello everyone! Nina here with another Watch It Wednesday video for you! We are now carrying re-inkers for our Petal Point inkpads in the store! I've learned about a cool DIY trick on creating your own multi-color inkpads for a while and was very excited to give it a try! I used the following colors to create my ombre inkpad: 6. Rose Bud, 9. Coral and 7. Marigold!

[Video] DIY Ombre Inkpad with Re-inkers + Baby Wipes

Watch it here or in HD on our Youtube Channel! And here is my finished card: diy-ombre-inkpad-finished-card

A Few Tips

1. Baby wipes are wet so remember to work on a water-proof surface. 2. The texture of the baby wipe got transferred to my card. Usually our Chalk Inks leave a smooth finish like dye inks but on this card, they look almost like pigment inks. 3. Remember to shift your stamps a little when inking up so the colors can blend. 4. You can use this customized temporary inkpad multiple times before you toss it away - put it in a ziplock bag to keep it wet a little bit longer. 5. Generally speaking, dye inks work better than pigment inks for this technique. --- Thank you for stopping by! I hope that you will give this fun technique a try!