WFC-Nina-HeadshotHello everyone! Nina here again! Watch-It-Wednesday-square In this week's Watch It Wednesday, we're making some shrink film feathers! shrink film feathers closeup I thought I ordered clear shrink film but they turned out to be white... Well, it didn't stop me from having fun! :) Love, love that natural curvy look the shrink film adds to the feathers.

[Video] Shrink Film Feathers

Watch it below or in HD on our Youtube Channel. I apologize for the shakiness in this video. I was experimenting with a new video setup and the tripod was in every way I went... Oops... Thank you for watching! Here is my finished card! shrink film feathers friend card

Supplies: Feather More Stamp Set, Petal Point Inkpads (7, 14)

Have you tried shrink film before? Isn't it fun?! Here are a few things I learned: 1. It is hard to stamp on the slippery plastic surface. Be sure to keep your hands steady and not push too hard. 2. Even though I used non-inkjet film, our chalk inks (stamp like dye inks) still worked. I tried rubbing on the colors after the feathers cooled and the colors didn't come off. 3. The colors will come off if you use a wet wipe. If you are making something that might get wet, you will need a sealer to seal the colors. 4. If you want to die cut a shape, die cut it before you stamp. 5. If you want to punch a hole for threads, punch it before you heat the film. Because the hole will shrink with your film, I recommend using a 1/8" inch or bigger hole punch.   Hope you can find time to create and make something today!