Hello everyone! Welcome to day 2 of Faber-Castell and Waffle Flower Inspiration Week! We team up with our friends at Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft to bring you an entire week of mixed-media inspiration! Blog-hop-badge-Faber-Castell-Waffle-Flower We have Katie here today! DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehring

Mixed Media for Beginners

Hello crafty friends! Katie here. When I heard that Waffle Flower Crafts was partnering with Faber-Castell, I was really excited, but also a little bit scared.  I have a confession, mixed media isn’t really my thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s GORGEOUS, and I greatly admire others that have mad art skills, but whenever I try my hand at some of the techniques, it’s generally an epic fail. There is a reason I try to keep it clean and simple folks! But when I received an AMAZING box of supplies from Faber-Castell, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and give it another shot.  I came up with three cards using my Waffle Flower stamps and the art supplies from Faber-Castell that are still definitely my style.  Each card builds a bit on technique from the last, but all are perfect projects for mixed media newbies. Gehring- WFC- FC Collage

Level 1 - Stamps + Markers

For my first card, I decided to keep it pretty simple.  I used the Stampers Big Brush Pen sets in green and yellow along with Waffle Flower’s A Bunch Stamp Set to create this card for Mom. Gehring- WFC-FC- Mom 1 To start, I stamped the outline of the flower trio in black ink on a piece of white card stock.  I used a stamp positioner to help determine the placement of the filler image and I proceeded to color the stamp first with light yellow and green, then with darker green and orange.  This was a pretty large area that I was coloring, and I have heard of tricks like huffing on the colored stamp to reactivate the ink before pressing it to the paper, but that seemed a bit germy to me, so I just let the markers do as they will. I loved variation effect in the petals and leaves. Mom Card Steps Stamp markers are a great medium for sets like the A Bunch Stamp Set.  Despite being a single overlay stamp, I was able to shade the flowers yellow and orange and the leaves green with no difficulty at all. Gehring- WFC-FC- Mom 2 To finish the card, I stamped a sentiment from the Feather More stamp set, trimmed the edge and adhered it to a green note card.

Level 2 - Stamps + Gelatos

Feeling bolstered by the success of my first card, I decided to reach for the Gelatos next to create this gem of a card using the Gemstone stamp set. Gehring- WFC-FC- Gem 1 Since I knew I was going to be adding water to the paper to blend the gelatos, I stamped the gems and sentiment in black ink on a panel of watercolor card stock.  Next using the Red Gelatos Collection, I scribbled a bit of the pigment inside each gem. Gem Card Steps I followed up with some water and the paintbrush included in the Gelato set to soften and spread out the color. Gehring- WFC-FC- Gem 2 I trimmed the panel and adhered it to a bright pink note card.

Level 3 - Stamps + Gesso + Gelatos

Ok, this is where it gets real.  For my last card, I used Gesso, Gelatos, and the Congrats stamp set to create a rainbow hued Celebrate card. Gehring- WFC-FC- Celebrate 1 Before I pulled out the Gelatos, using a paintbrush, I brushed Gesso all over a panel of water color card stock and I set it aside to dry.  I remembered using Gesso before in my High School painting class.  When you open the jar- it looks like white glue or paint, but among its many uses, it does a great job of priming paper and canvas for painting. Once the Gesso was dry, I scribbled some Gelatos in rainbow colors.  I used: I added water to the scribbles to smooth out and blend the colors.  I was amazed at the difference the gesso base coat made- the colors were much more creamy and I didn’t see any of my scribble from the Gelatos on the paper. Celebrate Card Steps I let the panel dry and stamped “Celebrate” from the Congrats stamp set in black ink repeatedly over each color. Gehring- WFC-FC- Celebrate 2 After allowing some additional dry time, I attached the panel to a red note card. A cascade of candy-colored enamel dots finished the card. Well, that’s all for me today.  Even if you think mixed media isn’t for you, I hope these cards encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new while still keeping it you. Thanks for stopping by! --- Katie Thank you for sharing these fun and simple techniques with us today, Katie! We can't wait to try them!

Blog Hop Prize

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