DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehringHello friends,
Katie here. The Lotus flower is a popular symbol and image in many religions and cultures. Emerging from the murky depths of a pond, this exquisite plant is stunning symbol of triumph over adversity. The lovely lotus also represents  the sun, awakening, enlightenment, rebirth, and beauty.  Today, I rounded up a few lotus-inspired objects and inspiration to share.

Let in the light

As a symbol of the sun, it’s only fitting that the lotus is represented in these light pendants.
lotus 1

DIY Lotus Origami

Master these folds and you can cultivate a garden of lotus flowers.
lotus 2


A lotus necklace makes a beautiful and meaningful statement.
lotus 3

Papercut Art

This papercut art by artist, Lisa Rodden, features a lotus and koi and is nothing short of spectacular.
lotus 4

Words of Wisdom

Finally, some words of lotus wisdom.
lotus 5

My card

Using the Lotus stamp set and Lotus die I created a simple thank you card. Stop my blog for more details.
Gehring- WFC- Lotus 1
Thank you for sharing the wonderful inspiration with us, Katie!
Fid time to create and make something today!