Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 2 of Waffle Flower Crafts October Release! We are switching to a quarterly release schedule so we are having a few more products introduced on each day until all products go live in our store on October 5. We have 10 stamp sets and 5 die sets in our Fall collection.

Tribal Thank You Stamp Set

MSRP $15.99 The artwork in today's sets were illustrated by Mia Charro. We gave Mia the theme: "In the Woods" and got some very cool wild life images back. They were different from what we had in mind but we loved the images and wanted to make them into stamps. we thought and thought about what sentiments could go with the images and finally settled on a tribal theme. We asked Mia to add a dreamcather to the set and we were good to go! Did you know that a dreamcather is used to caught the bad dreams for one's protection? 271014 Tribal Thank You Stamp Set

Idea Sheet

Dream Catcher

Feather More Stamp Set

MSRP $15.99 Do we need more feathers? Big and beautiful ones? Feather More Stamp Set

Idea Sheet

271015z Feather More Stamp Set Idea Sheet

Feather More Die Set

MSRP $17.99 310012 Feather More Die Set


wfc-2-mini-thank-you-card-trio wfc-2-dream-your-own-dream-card wfc-2-thank-you-for-being-there-card wfc-2-the-best-mom-card wfc-2-best-sister-feather-card wfc-2-now-forever-feather-card wfc-2-thankful-feather-card Joni and Lorena are joining us today to bring you more inspiration! wfc-2-feather-more-card-by-joni wfc-2-thank-you-bear-card-by-joni wfc-2-thank-you-bear-card-by-lorena wfc-2-thankful-feathers-by-lorena wfc-2-circled-thank-you-tag-by-lorena We absolutely love the images in today's sets and hope that you will too! Thank you for stopping by! See you tomorrow!