DesignTeamHeadshots-KimKesti Hello everyone! Kim Kesti here! My seven year old daughter, Eloise is in first grade and takes a lunch box to school every day. I thought it would be so fun to surprise her for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day with a fun little card tucked in with her lunch. I created these five cards assembly line: first I trimmed five strips of red cardstock (3 ¾” X 8”), next I scored each strip at ¾” and again at 4 ½”, this creates a tiny little matchbox card. Since I am not putting these notes in envelopes, I love using the matchbox fold and securing it closed with a staple. Silly Valentine Card_Kesti   I trimmed patterned paper for each card (3 ½” X 3 ½”) and also trimmed a cardstock panel to stamp on (3” X 3”). Stamping each little panel was so fun! I used a variety of stamps set from the new release including the Flutter Stamp Set, Monochrome Stamp Set, On My Mark Stamp Set and Rain Check Stamp Set. WFValentines_Kesti1 I think this is my favorite card: WFValentines_Kesti2 I used the DT Mix Stamp Set and added “strings” to the heart with markers. Easy-peezie! Thanks for taking a peek! I enjoy making cards that are simple, quick and still have a fun little kick to them. Happy Valentine’s Day! Kim Kesti