LOVE-Valentine-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-4 DesignTeamHeadshots-SabrinaHello everyone! Sabrina here! Today I have another episode of Watch It Wednesday to share with you. Are you ever uncertain what to do with those tiny image stamps that are often included in stamp sets? This tutorial will give you one idea that I think is pretty fun. LOVE-Valentine-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-1 I used the small heart image (along with a few other stamps) from the DT Mix Stamp Set to build some letters for the valentine’s sentiment “LOVE.” It’s a really simple way to get more mileage out of your stamp sets and also creates a great design element on your paper crafts. Let’s take a look! Watch the video below or in HD on YouTube Here is a closeup photo for you: LOVE-Valentine-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-2


So clever, Sabrina!!! We especially love that you created the ombre look with just one ink pad!