DesignTeamHeadshots-Sabrina Perfect-Painted-Stripes-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-1 Hi guys! It’s Sabrina with your Watch it Wednesday video. Today I was in the mood for a little experimenting and tried out a background created by painting and stamping some simple stripes. Using supplies in a freehand sort of method, like painting, always makes me really nervous! Once you put it down on paper, there’s no repositioning or turning back. Perfect-Painted-Stripes-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-2 If that describes you too, don’t be afraid to experiment. You may end up with something that looks great and that you love! And if it’s not perfect, use my tricks for disguising those imperfections. ☺

[Video] Painted & Stamped Stripe Background

You can check it all out in the video below or in HD on YouTube. Perfect-Painted-Stripes-Waffle-Flower-Crafts-Sabrina-Alery-4

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Thanks for sharing with us, Sabrina!