Nesting Slim Layers Die

Waffle Flower x Nina Yang

$ 24.00
SKU: 310407

Nesting Slim Layers Die is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This die set contains 13 nesting dies

3-1/4"w x 8-1/4"h-Largest layer
3"w x 8"h 
2-3/4"w x 7-3/4"h
2-1/2"w x 7-1/2"h
2-1/4"w x 7-1/4"h
2"w x 7"h
1-3/4"w x 6-3/4"h
1-1/2"w x 6-1/2"h
1-1/4"w x 6-1/4"
1"w x 6"h
3/4"w x 5-3/4"h
1/2"w x 5-1/2"h
1/4"w x 5-1/4"

Comes de-tabbed with magnetic storage sheet 
Can be used in all leading desktop roller die cut machines.
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