Gym Rat Combo

Waffle Flower x Liz Mytinger

$ 46.00
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Work out those crafting muscles with the Gym Rat Combo! Share your enthusiasm for a cherished person in your life with encouragement and recognition of their hard work. Motivate with adorable hamsters and coordinating sentiments that cheer on overcoming any obstacle.

Illustrated by Liz Mytinger

This stamp + die combo comes in our XL Cloud Storage Pocket.

Gym Rat Stamp Set
Approximate sizes:
- gym (hamster house): 3-5/8"w x 3"h
- hamster wheel: 1-1/2"w x 1-5/8"h
- treadmill: 1-1/8"w x 3/4"h

Matching Die
A set of 17matchingdies.
As shown in Matching Die Preview.

Need a wire cutter to break off the connection tabs.
Can be used in all leading desktop roller diecut machines.

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