Free Chinese Takeout Box Template (Treat Box) – Refined!

UPDATE 21/Sep/2011: I refined the template. Do remember to choose “Fit to Page” in printer settings :) Enjoy!

UPDATE: I went a little crazy and made this pile: Printed on 6×6 pattern paper (chose 4”x6” size in printer settings) Now only need to find time to decorate them:)

Tiny Takeout Boxes

I scanned a real takeout box and made this template today. The original size is 10”x10”  before folding. This template is for Letter sized paper so most home printers can print. Finished size: 2.5” x 2.5” x 1.75”. I was too lazy to glue the flaps: #10 staples used here:

They will make great Halloween Treat Boxes too!

Halloween Treat Box


Lawn Fawn – Hats Off to You

Studio Calico – Labels

A little tip for a professional looking crisp fold: Pre-score all the fold lines, using a scoring tool or back of your craft knife. :)

Download Template from Craftsy! (Support this blog by registering at Craftsy.)

Download Here (If you just want the pattern)

UPDATE: 02/19/2012 – I just found out that Lifestyle Crafts has a Take-out Box Die! Perfect for mass production! All you need to worry about is how to decorate your box! And you can use the code WAFFLE to get 20% off everything there.


39 thoughts on “Free Chinese Takeout Box Template (Treat Box) – Refined!

  1. Waffle Flower Crafts says:

    I am so happy that so many people have downloaded my template :”) I just have to brag: I just got a referral from South Africa, wow! My template travels further than I do! lol

    • Waffle Flower Crafts says:

      Hello Kuhzoo,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      The template is intended for hobby crafting. I would suggest buying the ready-made take-out boxes at stores (come in several different sizes and are usually $1 or less each) You can still cover it with paper before you fold it into shape.

      The template is designed for printing on most home printers – US letter size (or A4) at maximum. If you have a larger format printer, you can set a bigger scale or even “Fill Entire Page” in your printer settings (please refer to your user manual for How-tos). You can also try take it to a store to print it on a larger format.

      Good luck and happy crafting!

    • Barbara McLaughlin says:

      My HP printer offers other settings so I can manipulate the final size. I clicked on the print-on-4-pages option so each of the four sides was on a page by itself. I can then slide the 4 sheets to meet in the middle (the bottom of the box), tape them together and place them on the larger paper I want to use for the box. My printer paper is 8 1/2 x 11 but when I slide the 4 pages together I can fit them to my 12 x 12 designer paper I’ll use to make the box. Check your Printer Properties and see what options your printer can accomodate.

      • Rock Artiste says:

        I am wanting to make them 1 quart in size, how do I size them up – have HP officejet printer, not sure how to do this. Need boxes for Christmas ornaments. Rock artiste’ on facebook tx

        • Waffle Flower Crafts says:

          Hello Rock Artiste, do you know how to enlarge when making a photocopy? You can try your local UPS store which should have a larger format printer and paper to help you get a bigger template. But please note that the template is intended for personal hobby crafting purpose. Thanks.

  2. Linda says:

    Very cute little box. I couldn’t find an email box on your blog, but would like to know how you used the 8.5 x 11 template with 6×6 paper.

  3. Lola Banks says:

    Gosh! Thanks for this beautiful box. I am a student in San Francisco , CA and I needed some templates. for takeout containers for class. This saved me a lot of money for my advertising major. My university wanted me to go to a store and dismantle a takeout container. I am in college working through it. The only takeout container I want to buy is full of food!

    • Waffle Flower Crafts says:

      Hi David, thank you for asking. This template is intended for hobby crafting only. If you are a design student and you have a vector-based drawing program, I would suggest that you draw one yourself. As I said in the post, I scanned the template. I do not own the design.

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