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Free Chinese Takeout Box Template (Treat Box) – Refined!


UPDATE 21/Sep/2011: I refined the template. Do remember to choose “Fit to Page” in printer settings :) Enjoy!

UPDATE: I went a little crazy and made this pile: Printed on 6×6 pattern paper (chose 4”x6” size in printer settings) Now only need to find time to decorate them:)

Tiny Takeout Boxes

I scanned a real takeout box and made this template today. The original size is 10”x10”  before folding. This template is for Letter sized paper so most home printers can print. Finished size: 2.5” x 2.5” x 1.75”. I was too lazy to glue the flaps: #10 staples used here:

They will make great Halloween Treat Boxes too!

Halloween Treat Box


Lawn Fawn – Hats Off to You

Studio Calico – Labels

A little tip for a professional looking crisp fold: Pre-score all the fold lines, using a scoring tool or back of your craft knife. :)

Download Template from Craftsy! (Support this blog by registering at Craftsy.)

Download Here (If you just want the pattern)

UPDATE: 02/19/2012 – I just found out that Lifestyle Crafts has a Take-out Box Die! Perfect for mass production! All you need to worry about is how to decorate your box! And you can use the code WAFFLE to get 20% off everything there.


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  1. I am so happy that so many people have downloaded my template :”) I just have to brag: I just got a referral from South Africa, wow! My template travels further than I do! lol

    1. Downloaded in Guatemala

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  3. Donwload from Honduras, great idea for my kid´s party

  4. GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. I just tweeted about your awesome Takeout Box file! I love it!

  6. Love it. want to recycle lots of old greeting cards

  7. its too small for what i want to do! i want to put a cupcake in it. any other ideas?

    1. Hello Kuhzoo,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      The template is intended for hobby crafting. I would suggest buying the ready-made take-out boxes at stores (come in several different sizes and are usually $1 or less each) You can still cover it with paper before you fold it into shape.

      The template is designed for printing on most home printers – US letter size (or A4) at maximum. If you have a larger format printer, you can set a bigger scale or even “Fill Entire Page” in your printer settings (please refer to your user manual for How-tos). You can also try take it to a store to print it on a larger format.

      Good luck and happy crafting!

    2. My HP printer offers other settings so I can manipulate the final size. I clicked on the print-on-4-pages option so each of the four sides was on a page by itself. I can then slide the 4 sheets to meet in the middle (the bottom of the box), tape them together and place them on the larger paper I want to use for the box. My printer paper is 8 1/2 x 11 but when I slide the 4 pages together I can fit them to my 12 x 12 designer paper I’ll use to make the box. Check your Printer Properties and see what options your printer can accomodate.

      1. I am wanting to make them 1 quart in size, how do I size them up – have HP officejet printer, not sure how to do this. Need boxes for Christmas ornaments. Rock artiste’ on facebook tx

        1. Hello Rock Artiste, do you know how to enlarge when making a photocopy? You can try your local UPS store which should have a larger format printer and paper to help you get a bigger template. But please note that the template is intended for personal hobby crafting purpose. Thanks.

  8. thank you

  9. Thanks ,from PR.

  10. Very cute little box. I couldn’t find an email box on your blog, but would like to know how you used the 8.5 x 11 template with 6×6 paper.

    1. Print it, place the copy on your scanner bed, reduce the size in Settings and print it again.

      1. Thank you for sharing the great tip with us, Barbara! Happy Crafting!

  11. Thank you so much for these. We are going to attempt them for wedding favor boxes!

  12. Si yuus maase from Guam! Will be used for center pieces for a Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet!

  13. Gosh! Thanks for this beautiful box. I am a student in San Francisco , CA and I needed some templates. for takeout containers for class. This saved me a lot of money for my advertising major. My university wanted me to go to a store and dismantle a takeout container. I am in college working through it. The only takeout container I want to buy is full of food!

  14. Thank you soooooooo much ! This is awesome !!!!!

  15. Thank you, your website is very helpful!!!

  16. Wonderfull thank you so so much > South Afica

  17. very helpful thank you! what paper type you use?

  18. love it!!!! thank u!!!!!!!

  19. Is there any way to have the ability to edit this template in a vector-based drawing program?

    1. Hi David, thank you for asking. This template is intended for hobby crafting only. If you are a design student and you have a vector-based drawing program, I would suggest that you draw one yourself. As I said in the post, I scanned the template. I do not own the design.

  20. Perfect! Downloading this in El Salvador using take out boxes for my jewlery sales!

  21. Hi
    I From BRAZIL, we need the passaword to import than in Corel program…
    many thanks

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest. The template is intended for printing out as a template only. Thank you for asking.

  22. Is possible to get the template yet?, Because the link for template shows an error

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for letting us know. We will try to fix it ASAP.

    2. Hi Maria, it should be fixed now! Thanks

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