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Five for Friday – What’s Up, Fall?

Fall card 1 copy

Hello everyone! Lorena here, happy to be back! For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer is coming to an end, and signals of Fall slowly start popping all around. I know Fall is the favorite season for many people and I can’t help but wonder… what’s up with Autumn that makes it so special? Let’s take a walk through some of the perks of the season…   Maybe it’s that we get to wear cute and cozy sweaters? Source   Here’s a little bonus pic that made me chuckle…   Source Ok, back to the many great things… Read More »

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[WIW Video] Chalk on Vellum – Sabrina Alery


Hello everyone! In this week’s Watch It Wednesday video, our design team member Sabrina takes you out in the sun, sharing a fun chalk on vellum look with masking technique! Hi there! Sabrina here today with another trick for using our chalk ink blends! Masking certainly isn’t a new trick but it’s one that never gets old and it seems like there are always many new ways to try it. How about on vellum? You can blend it and stamp with it – using a mask of not – because chalk ink is one of the only ink varieties that will… Read More »

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Five for Friday: Lovely Lotus – Katie Gehring

Gehring- WFC- Lotus 1

Hello friends, Katie here. The Lotus flower is a popular symbol and image in many religions and cultures. Emerging from the murky depths of a pond, this exquisite plant is stunning symbol of triumph over adversity. The lovely lotus also represents  the sun, awakening, enlightenment, rebirth, and beauty.  Today, I rounded up a few lotus-inspired objects and inspiration to share. Let in the light As a symbol of the sun, it’s only fitting that the lotus is represented in these light pendants. source DIY Lotus Origami Master these folds and you can cultivate a garden of lotus flowers. source Jewelry A lotus necklace… Read More »