Tie-m to Celebrate – Bow Ties Template

Download the template: .pdf (free)

I first found the 3D Paper Bow Tutorial on Heidi Van Laar’s blog. If you want to create your own pattern, be sure to check out her blog (A fantastic card designer too!). I went ahead and drew a printable bow ties template for the variation:

IMG 1409

Download the template: .pdf (free)


Bowtie1 Bowtie2 Bowtie3 Bowtie4 Bowtie5 Bowtie6 Bowtie7

How I added it to the candy wrap:

IMG 0344

I could not help but take a photo of them sitting in front of my computer:) Aren’t they the cutest? Now it is really a Tie-m to Celebrate! :) Have Fun!

IMG 1400

We now have a craft die in our store that will help you make some cute bow ties from both paper and felt! Check it out here:

Mailable 3D Bow Template Die Preview


14 thoughts on “Tie-m to Celebrate – Bow Ties Template

  1. Ashley Nicole says:

    This is just so cute. Perfect sentiment. I will have to check out the ribbon tutorial :)

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