Folk Art Frame Bundle (Save 18%)

Waffle Flower x Galina Filippenko

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The new Folk Art Frame design is completed with three products: a 3-layer stencil (super easy to use), a foil plate (which can be used in place of stencil 3), and a set of matching dies. This design offers incredible versatility and can be paired with many of the focal points you may already have. Additionally, our new "Folk Art" collection features reindeer, Christmas trees, and birds that can take your projects to the next level.

This bundle includes the following:
Folk Art Reindeer Die
Folk Art Frame Stencil
Folk Art Frame Matching Die
Folk Art Framed Bird Stencil
Folk Art Tree Die
Folk Art Framed Tree Stencil
Folk Art Floral Die
Folk Art Frame Foil Plate
Folk Art Bird Die

Customer Reviews

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Sharon J.

SOOOOO excited to use this fantastic bundle for my Christmas cards!