Shader Brush 1 - 10/pk

Waffle Flower

$ 30.00
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This is the original version of our Shader Brushes.

These brushes allow you to achieve beautiful results using a variety of techniques from laying down multiple layers of color to defining edges to shading. For best results, apply in a "drag-n-lift" or "flicking" motion.

We recommend dedicating each brush to similar colors and dab off the excess ink on some scrap paper in between usage. These brushes are also washable with mild soap and under running water - be sure to keep the brushes pointing down to avoid water running into the barrel.

What’s Included
10 x Shader 1 (1/2" round tip)

Other Details

  • Ten brushes per set
  • Vegan synthetic bristles
  • Gold ferrule
  • Pearl White lacquer handle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
karen (Bedford, US)
great for detailed stencils

I have actually thrown away stencils because I couldn't use them with my larger blender brushes. (I know, I know, but hasty actions made in the heat of the moment rarely turn out well.) Know I can use these smaller brushes when I have smaller, detailed stencils.

Karen M. (Castle Hayne, US)
Shader brushes #1

Enjoying this set of brushes, it is a learning curve for me from the other shading brushes I have used but I’m getting it

Amy J. (Roswell, US)

These small brushes are perfect for layered stenciling. Sometimes there’s that tiny little space hard to get with a larger brush!

Nancy L. (Bradenton, US)
Great Brushes

I love these small brushes from Waffle Flower. A must have for anyone who does a lot of stencil work.

Diane M. (Cedar Knolls, US)
shader brush

great brush to use with stencils!