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Waffle Flower

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This 4x4 Grip Mat replaces the 4.25x5.5 to be the smallest size we carry. It's great for smaller projects and holding ink pads. This is the perfect size for use with our 4x4 and 4.25x4.25 stencils - simply leave a little corner of your stencil hanging off the mat so you can easily peel it off when switching stencils.

The Waffle Flower Grip Mats are designed to gently hold your stencil and cardstock in place during stenciling and ink blending. When using cardstock alone, the smoother the paper, the better the grip. This mat reduces the need for taping significantly, so you can spend more time playing!

Made from high-quality photopolymer, stickiness is a natural property of the material. You can use this mat repeatedly without any adhesives or glue. Between uses, refresh the surface with a dampened, lint-free cloth. Peel the mat off the cardstock to minimize warping.

Use the included printed Guide either below or above the mat to aid your placement when needed. The Guide is slightly smaller than the mat, so you can leave it on the back of your mat to help easily move it in and out of your work surface. To prevent any print transfer, always apply the Guide to the mat with the reversed side facing away from the mat.

If the mat loses its cling, clean it with water or photopolymer-safe cleaners. If using soap, rinse well under running water—do not leave it in the sink. Never use alcohol or other chemical-based cleaners. Return it to the transparent sheet for storage. Do not stack heavy items on top.

User experience may vary depending on the size, weight, and texture of the paper. Low spots and air bubbles are normal and should not affect the mat's ability to grip. Avoid contact with foiled images and fine glitters/powders. Avoid contact with sharp edges or abrasive materials. Wear and tear are expected with regular use.

Included in bundles/suites:

Grip Mat v2 Bundle(All 6 sizes)
Grip Mat - Big Mini Suite (two new 2024 sizes)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carol H. (Port Saint Lucie, US)
The Grip Mat is amazingly handy

I can do so many more projects using the grip mat. It holds everything in place for me so I don’t lose little pieces, or even big pieces hold in place while I work on them. Love it

Rita D. (Maryville, US)

Yes, this product meets my expectations.

Susan49546 (Grand Rapids, US)
Grip Map Wars

The Waffle Flower grip mats have won the war of mats! They do it all, plus they are the easiest mats to keep clean. If you can afford only one, one of theirs is the one to get.

C.M. (Southport, US)
Wonderful tool!

I love trying out new stamp tools, but rarely think they deliver on their promise. This trip mat does just that, no more removable tape needed! This holds my stencil in place perfectly, love it!

Jennifer T. (Phoenix, US)
Phenomenal performance!

The best tool ever!!