4.75x6 Grip Mat

Waffle Flower

$ 16.00
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The Waffle Flower Grip Mat is designed to gently hold your cardstock in place when stamping, stenciling, and more!

Made from high quality photopolymer, this mat takes advantage of the natural stickiness of the material to grip papers without any adhesives or glues. Since the stickiness is a natural property of the photopolymer, you can use this mat over and over again. The Waffle Flower Grip Mat reduces taping significantly so you can spend more time playing!

This 4.75x6 Grip Mat can be used in place of the black foam piece in the mini-size stamp positioning tool. Use the included printed Guide either below or above the mat to aid your placement when needed. If the mat loses its cling, simply clean with water or mild soap. Return to transparent sheet for storage.

For more information, watch the 12-minute intro video here.

User experience may vary depending on the size, weight, and texture of the paper. Low spots and air bubbles are normal and should not affect the mat's ability to grip. Avoid contact with foiled images. Avoid contact with sharp edges or abrasive materials. Some inks/pigments may stain your mat. Wear and tear is expected with normal use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Pauline M. (Palm Coast, US)
Grip mat

Wow this mat is great, meets all the expectations of your promise. I’ve used it on my craft table with stencils, put it in my Misti, it’s just great, I’ll get plenty of use out of it. Thanks for a great product!

S. (Vancouver, US)
THIS is the grip mat you’ve been dreaming of!

Stop hunting high and low for the ideal companion for stenciling. The search ends right here with this pot of gold.

I have tried everything - all the brands and all the mats and nothing has been as helpful as this grip mat!

I’m currently working on 200 handmade cards with layers of stenciling. I have to move the stencil multiple times and re-stick it down for each card and this mat has helped me so much.

It doesn’t slow my card or the stencil to shift, yet I can easily peel up the stencil and card without damaging anything.

I’m using this in my small Misti mat and it’s been super helpful for mass production stamping on top of my huge stencil project.

Using a slab of photopolymer as a grip mat was pure genius and I’m so thankful to the creative humans at Waffle Flower for providing the ultimate stenciling hack!

Nancee P. (Melbourne, US)
Awesome Tool

I love this so much I have three of them, two this size and one larger one! One I keep in my Misti. It helps me get perfect line ups every time! I love it! I also have a larger one that I use when stenciling. An awesome product!

Genora N. (Gulfport, US)
Grip mat

It does the job. I’m very pleased.

Lori S.i.P. (Sinking Spring, US)
Love it!!!

Fits perfectly in my mini MISTI and holds paper still during stamping. Also works great to hold paper during stenciling or other art activities. GREAT product!
Lori S in PA