Color Combos A2 Panel Die

Waffle Flower x Nina Yang

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This set includes 7 dies.

Color Combos A2 Panel Die cuts out a 4-1/4"x5-1/2" (A2) panel with holes for disc binding and score lines to guide the arrangement of your swatches made from Color Combos (stampdiecombo). Also includes 4 options for label tabs.

Find our exclusive Binding Discs in 6 coordinating colors here: (Red Pink Cream Pool Mint Gray)

Samples shown also used Combo Swatch (stamp, tag die, combo) and Bullet List (stamp)

Comes de-tabbed with magnetic storage sheet
Can be used in all leading desktop roller die cut machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Centaurheart (Auburn, US)
This Was A Greed Purchase Pure And Simple :)

Waffle Flower, your A7 die set was my gateway drug to all kind of mixed media and art journal madness. I can't use those dies hard enough or long enough... so I came back for more and got the A2 set as well. I've used these dies for everything from dream journals, record keeping - I made an A7 Stamp & Die inventory list with these, and have honestly started inventory and cataloging my entire craft room in duplicate. Why? A friend lost her stash to a house fire, and when it came time for the insurance to pay, she simply had no idea of what she actually had. I decided that wasn't going to be me, so I have made A7 journals for my craft room stashes, all my other collections, and what furniture I own where in my house... make sense? I keep them in a firebox for safe keeping and update all of them once a month. But all seriousness aside, I have really seriously used these journal dies for all kinds of Mixed Media art books... and I even sent some of my artsy friends little art card journals that have tear off watercolor paper in them where I've added sketches for them to color. Not everyone is artsy, but EVERYONE loves coloring. Oh... with this set... I plan to make little desk calendar gifts. Really, these discbound dies are really 'the sky is the limit' situations and are some of the most handy dies I own... that's why I had to come back and get THIS set too... because honestly.. I could have gotten by with just the A7. But the A2 set offers a whole different range of shapes. I would really love for you folks to come out with more discbound items.... maybe some long skinny notebooks for tear off grocery lists.. that kind of thing.

Thank you for the feedback, review and comments! So sorry to hear about your friend and hope she can get back into crafting soon! Love your journeling and record keeping with the disc bound items! We appreciate your tips and support!

Kathleen J. (O'Fallon, US)

Color Combos A2 Panel Die

Thank you for the review Kathleen! We appreciate it!

Sandra U. (Lexington, US)

The service was prompt and the material was well made. I was especially excited about the Magnetic Backing For my dies. I have so many dies that are just lying about Will be ordering from them again

Thank you for your review Sandra! We're happy to help with all your crafting needs!

Didi L.
Versatility and Organization...Who Knew?

I was at loose ends, trying to figure out what to do with the jumble of various lengths of bakers twine that was sitting at the bottom of my catch-all drawer when I caught a glimpse of my new Color Combos A2 Panel Die package, specifically the tabs dies. I cut out a bunch of the plain ones out of light cardboard and proceeded to wrap the different twine around them. Perfect! Not at all what I purchased the dies for but, what a bonus!!! Thanks Waffle Flower, you never cease to make us happy :-)

What a great idea, Didi! We need to do this for ours!!! Thank you for making our day and assure us that we have the best customers!!! Happy Crafting! - Nina :)

Carol R.
Color combos A2 Panel

These are great! I’m having a great time using them to color swatch my pattern papers and card stock. Thanks for such a great product.

Thank you Carol for your feedback and review! This combo is so versatile! You might also like the [Combo Swatch Combo](