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Waffle Flower x Nina Yang

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Color mixing made easier with our Color Wheels Combo. Use this set to create your customized color mixing wheels for future reference. No color wheel can be as acurate as the ones you make yourself with the media you have on hand!
Please watch our video for detailed instructions.

The color mixing chart is usually used for opaque media such as gouache and acrylic paints. The purpose of the chart is to practice the mixing ratios. The idea is to use just primary colors: Red, Yellow and Blue, but you can try mixing colors from each family and might find some interesting results :)

  • For these, you will mix the colors on a palette first.
  • rB means reddish blue, which should have more blue than red.
  • bR on the other hand means bluish red, which should have more red than blue.

This stamp + die combo comes in an XL Cloud Storage Pocket.

Color Wheels Stamp Set
A 5"x7" set of 16 photopolymer clear stamps.

Approximate Size:
- Color Wheel: 5-1/8"
- Extra Large Circle: 1"
- Large Circle: 5/8"
- Medium Circle: 1/2"
- Small Circle: 3/8"

Matching Die
Wafer thin die; 
A set of 2 matching dies.

Comes detabbed.
Can be used in all leading desktop roller diecut machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julia S. (Betschdorf, FR)
Very good

Great thank you. I wish you could produce a larger colour circle that would be so useful!

Nancy B.
Fun project. Love your other

Fun project. Love your other pieces too.

Thank you for your review of this combo! Thank you for your support!

Anna J.
Swatch, color wheel

I love the swatch combo and color wheel. I have this thing about my stuff looking uniform and I can make a color wheel out of anything and love to do them so I am very happy with my order,
Thanks so much Anna

Thank you for your review Anna! Glad you enjoy this Color Wheels Combo!

Debi D.
Great product for artists

You can use it to make several types of color sheets for each watercolor set. It has helped and is also fun!

Thank you for your review Debi! Glad you like the combo!