Floss Bobbins Die

Waffle Flower x Nina Yang

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This set include 5 dies.

Approximate sizes:

-Big bobbin tag (3-1/2"x5")
-3-skein bobbin (2-1/4"x3-3/4")
-Mini bobbin tag that holds 1 skein of floss (1-1/8"x1-5/8").

Comes de-tabbed with magnetic storage sheet
Can be used in all leading desktop roller die cut machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
R.L. (Chicago, US)
Exactly What I Was Wanting!

Avid stitcher and after building a new house and moving last year found a lot of floss that got lost in previous moves (former military) and trying to incorporate into current system realized I have multiple bobbins of multiple colors that are making my current system stretched beyond capacity so went looking for larger bobbins and discovered these dies in the process...LOVE them! Am using the mid size so that my multiples can be on one card and can even color comparison them because some may be 20 yrs old versus some bought recently. Planning on using the large die for ribbons to organize some of my finishing/project supplies. Would love some coordinating stamps that would really give these gorgeous dies some vintage flair and also a designated spot for color numbers/ names (for the "fancy floss"...IYKYK :) ) that would also allow placement where needed whether someone is storing horizontal or vertical. Maybe even stamps for floss organizer set for #'s and pattern name/ date stitched. If you are a stitcher these dies are a game changer for storing and organizing...gonna post about them in my stitching groups! :)

Thank you so much for letting us know the die is helpful, Renee! We've noted all your suggestions :) Stay tuned :)

Roxane (Rancho Cucamonga, US)

Floss Bobbins Die

Jan A. (Mansfield, US)
Floss Bobbin die

I was very pleased with these dies. All dies cut well and the different sizes covered the storage needs I had.

Excellent! Thank you for your review and feedback, Jan!

Joyce (Lewiston, US)
Just what I was looking for!

I love the Floss Bobbins Die. The styles are nice. They cut well. The service and shipping was great. I will order from Waffle Flower again!

Great to hear! Thank you for your feedback and review!

Sara K. (Tacoma, US)
Great Die

Got this die for my daughter who plays around with cross stitching and embroidery. She loves this die!! Organizes her floss really well.

Thanks for sharing! We appreciate your review and feedback.