Fruity Background Coloring Stencil

Waffle Flower x Nina Yang

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The 3-layered stencil set is marked with suggested colors for each layer. Since these are abstract coloring layers for the fruits, a letter is marked with each shape:
Reds: (A for apple, S for strawberry, W for pulp of watermelon)
Yellows: (B for banana, L for lemon, M for mango)
Greens: (P for pear, W for rind of watermelon, the rest are leaves and stems)

All three layers together can color the entire panel of the Fruity Background Foil Plate and Fruity Texture Die.
You can also ink blend just 1 layer or mix and match your shapes to create your customized background. Then use the Fruity Stamp Set to stamp the outlines, and there is no need to be exact!

Stencil Size:
5 1/4"w x 6 1/2"h

Customer Reviews

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karen (Bedford, US)
great addition to my collection

I LOVE this stencil set. The fact that they went the extra mile to code the fruits is very appreciated. This is my new favorite stencil set EVER.