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This new mat is a mini version of our Water Media mat that is non-slip, waterproof and heat-resistant.

The suction back of the mat sticks to your table and will not rock, move or slide around during your creative process. Grab a corner and peel it off when you’re done. If it loses its cling, clean with water or a baby wipe and it’s good to go again!

The mat is bright white and allows you to see the colors you are using and mixing. The indented work area can hold paper sized up to 5”x7”. Feel free to use the entire surface as your mixing tray.

The Mini Media Mat is made from food-grade oven-safe silicone. You can use your glue gun or heat tool without worrying about damaging the surface and the dried glue peels right off. Temperature tolerance: -49ºF to 446ºF (-45ºC to 230ºC)

Clean with warm, soapy water or the dedicated cleanser for the medium you are using. Dry with a paper towel and store in a horizontal position.

Our Mini Media Mat is packed with value added features. The smooth, non-stick surface makes it perfect for techniques such as ink blending, ink transfer and faux watercolor stamping. You can even make your own enamel dots on it!

The smooth, matte, white surface is non-reflective and great for photos and videos. You will find several helpful marks indicating the center and perimeter guidelines for framing a standard video format and multiple square positions for popular social media sharing. We will have a dedicated video demoing the video features on our Youtube channel.

And finally the dreadful small print warning:

Avoid sharp edges like pencils and knives. They will damage your mat.

Some colors/pigments may stain your mat. Staining does not change the properties of the mat.

Avoid using a gel plate on top of your mat. It will stretch and damage your mat.

Customer Reviews

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Love this non-slip mat!

Love this non-slip mat! I no longer have to deal with my card sliding around when trying to align & adhere pieces on the card front. It's also handy when layering die cuts and sentiment strips.

Great feedback Liz! We appreciate your support and review!

Great little mat

Love working on this mini mat due to the size and the fact that it holds my paper in place while I add embellishments or card layers.

Great comments Kristine . Thank you for your review!

Excellent product

These are wonderful work mats I have used for all kinds of things. They hold the paper. They stay in place on the surface they’re on. They clean up easily. They are my “go to” surface for gluing. I use mind frequently. I highly recommend this products.

Excellent feedback, Lynn! Thank you for sharing and for leaving a review! We appreciate your support!


Mini Media Mat

Thank you for your review, Wendy!

Get the Mat!!!

This is one of the best craft tools on the market. This size is perfect for desk top work and it is better than advertised. I can't say enough good things about this mat

What great feedback - thank you! We appreciate your review ❤