Mini Media Mat

Waffle Flower

$ 20.00
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Made from high quality silicone, the Waffle Flower Mini Stencil Mat is a multi-function craft mat that is non-stick, waterproof, and heat-resistant.

The recessed work area measures approximately 5”x7” (13 cm X 18 cm)
Full border around work area to retain media and liquids
Non-slip back allows the mat to stay in place during use
Releases most stencil pastes and paints easily when dried.
Cold and heat resistant from -49ºF to 446ºF (-45ºC to 230ºC)

Clean with dampened lint-free cloth or oil-free cleaning wipe.

In between uses, store flat in the storage bag included.

- Some types of colored media/pigments may stain your mat. Staining does not change the properties of the mat.
- Avoid direct contact with tools with sharp edges such as pencils and knives. They will damage your mat.
- Oil based products (including gel plates and some cleaners) can chemically damage the mat causing unwanted swelling as it absorbs into the silicone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Joan (San Diego, US)

Love this mat. Great for all kinds of stamping and craft projects.

Awesome! This is a favorite for sure. Thank you for your review and support Joan!

Ann D. (Beaverton, US)
Awesome product!

First, I want to say that WaffleFlower is great! I love the handwritten thanks from the packers! Nice touch!
Second, the product is super cool! it is really great for watercoloring with inks- I love it If you are on the fence on about buying it- just do it! You will not regret it!

Great input! We appreciate your support and review! Keep on crafting!

Dyan R. (Alexandria, US)

It's really refreshing to purchase an item which does what it advertises and then can be used for so much more. I've used my mini mat a couple of weeks now and love, love, love it. I'm now saving up to get the full-sized mat, too. Thank you very much for a wonderful product.

❤ this! Thank you for your review and honest feedback. We appreciate it!

Debbie H. (Chesapeake, US)

The products exceeded expectations!!

I love to hear this! ❤ Thank you for sharing your feedback and review!

Claudine V. (Williamsport, US)
Mini Media Mat

I love this mat! It makes ink blending sooooo easy! I bought the mini because I don't have room for the larger one, but would LOVE it if Waffle Flower would come out with a medium size mat - I would buy it too! Great product!!

Thank you for the suggestion and feedback! We appreciate your review!