Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 3 of our Fall 2016 Release! All products will be shipping on September 8! We have 1 stamp set and 3 dies to introduce today!

Waffle Flower DEMO

In less than 3 minutes, find out what’s in the stamp/die set and how to use them!

DEMO – Purse-nality Stamp Set & Matching Dies

Watch it below or on our Youtube Channel (2'07”)

DEMO – Pinking Layers Die

Watch it below or on our Youtube Channel (1’)

DEMO – Stitched Hearts Die

Watch it below or on our Youtube Channel (1’08”)

Project Samples

Purse-nality Stamp Set (4″x6″)

MSRP: $15.99 (Available September 8)

Purse-nality Die

MSRP: $5.99 (Available September 8) WFC271069 Purse-nality WFC310101 Purse-nality Die WFC-3-Purse-nality-Tessa WFC-3-purse-nality-card WFC-3-Purse-nality Stamp and Die-Channin-2 WFC-3-Pursenality-Katie WFC-3-Purse-nality Stamp & Die and Pinking Layers Die-Channin-1

Pinking Layers Die (4″x6″)

MSRP: $29.99 (Available September 8) WFC310111 Pinking Layers WFC-3-pinking-layers-awesome-card WFC-3-PinkingLayersDie_PatriciaRoebuck_600 WFC-3-TrickorTreatDie_PatriciaRoebuck_600 WFC-3-purse-nality-card

Stitched Hearts Die

MSRP: $9.99 (Available September 8) WFC310110 Stitch Hearts WFC-3-Stitched Hearts Die-Channin-3 WFC-3-StitchedHeart_PatriciaRoebuck_600 WFC-3-Stitched Heart & Pinking Layers-Katie Thank you for checking out our new release! See you tomorrow! All products will be available on September 8!