Spring 2018 Release - Preview Giveaway Ends on Sunday Jan 28!

Hello everyone! Nina here!

Thank you again for stopping by our blog! We have survived Creativation!  I am so grateful that I have these lovely ladies in my life! From left to right: Channin, me, Eilleen and Sunshine! I love you, girls!

And an overview of our booth that our friend Wanda Guess helped us capture! We will try to take more photos next time!


GIVEAWAYS Ending Sunday Jan 28!

This is a kind reminder: don't forget to leave your comments to the following posts for your chances to win the new products:

Preview Day 1 - Helen Dardik

Preview Day 2 - Big Bear and Bird

Preview Day 3 - Flora + Liz

Preview Day 4 - Kamo 1/2

Preview Day 5 - Kamo 2/2

Good luck! 

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