Rock & Roll Stamping with Channin

on September 20, 2016
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designteamheadshots_channinHello everyone! It’s Channin here with a very colorful project to share with you today using the rock & roll stamping technique!! I love the rock & roll technique, it’s most definitely an oldie but it is still a goodie. If you are not familiar with it, the general idea is to ink up your stamp in a light ink then roll the edges of the inked image in a darker ink, while being careful not to get the darker ink in the center of the image. I often use this technique for flowers, leaves, and sentiments to add a little more interest to the image. Now I can see why many are afraid this technique might mess up their ink pads, but as long as you start with a light ink and rock & roll in a darker one you will be fine. wfc-91916-a Now for this card, I did a lot of rock’n & roll’n because I did it to all the many many gems. First, I stamped and gold embossed the sentiment which is from the Gemstone Stamp Set in the center of a 4 ¾” by 6 ¼” panel of white cardstock. wfc-91916-b You can see in the picture above how I draft my designs. I have a huge box of commercial printer paper (seriously, more paper than I think I can use in a lifetime) that my husband brought home from work. The sheets are big like, 10” by 15”, and they are perfect to use as a work surface or for stamping out design ideas. I just use a ruler to draw the dimensions of my card panel and then start playing around with ideas. Sometimes I even roughly cut stamped images out and just position them on my sketched card panel so I can move things around and play with the positioning. Anyway back to my card. After I stamped and embossed my sentiment, I inked up the heart gem from the Gemstone Stamp Set; first in Oh Happy Day then I rocked and rolled the upper edge in My Pleasure, and then stamped it above the sentiment. I then repeated this inking process and stamped heart gem three more hearts around the sentiment. I then moved onto the smaller heart and circle gemstones. I paired them together on my acrylic block and inked them in You Said What first then rocked and rolled them in Oh Happy Day and stamped them between the heart images. wfc-91916-c I continued to follow the pattern I created in my draft and rock and rolled my way through Tickled PinkHappy Go LuckyDaydreaming, and Chirp Chirp, but always inking my stamp up first with the lighter ink then the darker shade. I sort of used a rainbow pattern of colors as a guide, but I started with yellow, then went to orange, then red, pink, purple, blue, and finally green. Most images I only used two ink colors but for the large square-ish gem, I inked in Tickled Pink (cause it was the lightest) first then I rocked and rolled one edge in My Pleasure and the other edge in Happy Go Lucky, so I had three colors on one stamp. And on some gems I actually rocked and rolled the stamp on one edge in one ink and then rock and rolled the same stamp in another ink on the other edge. I did this to avoid overlapping the colors and a bit and changing their look. wfc-91916-d After I had completed my gem pattern I splattered some slightly watered down gold paint around my panel but avoiding my sentiment. Lastly, I felt my panel needed a little more so I stamped and gold embossed the burst from the Gemstone Stamp Set around my sentiment. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you all next week with a new card creation! ~Channin Products: Gemstone Stamp Set Inks: You Said WhatOh Happy DayMy PleasureTickled PinkHappy Go LuckyDaydreaming, and Chirp Chirp

Five for Friday - Resourceful Repetition by Lorena

on June 26, 2015
DesignTeamHeadshots-LorenaCantoHello friends! Lorena here today with your Five for Friday fix! This week my post tackles a design topic, one of the many axiomas I wasn’t aware of before jumping into the paper crafting world. There are many: the rule of thirds, the wonders of white space and, of course, repetition as a design resource. And it’s a powerful one! Repetition can be pleasing to the eye and it’s an easy way to add balance to a composition, still allowing you to play with color, placement and texture.   Let’s see a few examples…
  1. Repetition is not some fancy concept graphic designers invented. It’s been on beautiful nature for thousands of years. Think about the rings on a tree trunk, flower petals, honeycomb
repetition 1


  1. It can give some stunning results when wisely applicated to architecture
repetition 2


  1. One thing that can make repetition visually powerful is introducing an element of rupture. Think about a “one of a kind” inspired card…

repetition 3Source

  1. Who knew that a bunch of trashed green bottles could be so pleasing to the eye? Once again, repetition in concept and color is the key factor here.
repetition 4


  1. One last example, this time to repetition applied to graphic design. Here, the designer played with color and placement. Isn’t it amazing how a simple bird shape can convey such a great and clear message?
repetition 5


So for my card, I took the repetition rule and ran with it, combining a single image with symmetry, texture and color. I used Gemstone stamp set and the sentiment comes from A Bunch stamp set. gems 1 The texture comes from the glitter I added to the gems. gems 2 As a final touch, I finished the inside of the card gems 3And that’s it for today! Will you give a try to repetition in your card making? Have a fantastic weekend! --- Thank you for sharing with us today, Lorena! We love that you stamped the inside of your card too! Find time to create and make something today!

Faber-Castell & Waffle Flower Inspiration Week - Day 2 - Mixed Media for Beginners

on May 12, 2015
Hello everyone! Welcome to day 2 of Faber-Castell and Waffle Flower Inspiration Week! We team up with our friends at Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft to bring you an entire week of mixed-media inspiration! Blog-hop-badge-Faber-Castell-Waffle-Flower We have Katie here today! DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehring

Mixed Media for Beginners

Hello crafty friends! Katie here. When I heard that Waffle Flower Crafts was partnering with Faber-Castell, I was really excited, but also a little bit scared.  I have a confession, mixed media isn’t really my thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think it’s GORGEOUS, and I greatly admire others that have mad art skills, but whenever I try my hand at some of the techniques, it’s generally an epic fail. There is a reason I try to keep it clean and simple folks! But when I received an AMAZING box of supplies from Faber-Castell, I was ready to roll up my sleeves and give it another shot.  I came up with three cards using my Waffle Flower stamps and the art supplies from Faber-Castell that are still definitely my style.  Each card builds a bit on technique from the last, but all are perfect projects for mixed media newbies. Gehring- WFC- FC Collage

Level 1 - Stamps + Markers

For my first card, I decided to keep it pretty simple.  I used the Stampers Big Brush Pen sets in green and yellow along with Waffle Flower’s A Bunch Stamp Set to create this card for Mom. Gehring- WFC-FC- Mom 1 To start, I stamped the outline of the flower trio in black ink on a piece of white card stock.  I used a stamp positioner to help determine the placement of the filler image and I proceeded to color the stamp first with light yellow and green, then with darker green and orange.  This was a pretty large area that I was coloring, and I have heard of tricks like huffing on the colored stamp to reactivate the ink before pressing it to the paper, but that seemed a bit germy to me, so I just let the markers do as they will. I loved variation effect in the petals and leaves. Mom Card Steps Stamp markers are a great medium for sets like the A Bunch Stamp Set.  Despite being a single overlay stamp, I was able to shade the flowers yellow and orange and the leaves green with no difficulty at all. Gehring- WFC-FC- Mom 2 To finish the card, I stamped a sentiment from the Feather More stamp set, trimmed the edge and adhered it to a green note card.

Level 2 - Stamps + Gelatos

Feeling bolstered by the success of my first card, I decided to reach for the Gelatos next to create this gem of a card using the Gemstone stamp set. Gehring- WFC-FC- Gem 1 Since I knew I was going to be adding water to the paper to blend the gelatos, I stamped the gems and sentiment in black ink on a panel of watercolor card stock.  Next using the Red Gelatos Collection, I scribbled a bit of the pigment inside each gem. Gem Card Steps I followed up with some water and the paintbrush included in the Gelato set to soften and spread out the color. Gehring- WFC-FC- Gem 2 I trimmed the panel and adhered it to a bright pink note card.

Level 3 - Stamps + Gesso + Gelatos

Ok, this is where it gets real.  For my last card, I used Gesso, Gelatos, and the Congrats stamp set to create a rainbow hued Celebrate card. Gehring- WFC-FC- Celebrate 1 Before I pulled out the Gelatos, using a paintbrush, I brushed Gesso all over a panel of water color card stock and I set it aside to dry.  I remembered using Gesso before in my High School painting class.  When you open the jar- it looks like white glue or paint, but among its many uses, it does a great job of priming paper and canvas for painting. Once the Gesso was dry, I scribbled some Gelatos in rainbow colors.  I used: I added water to the scribbles to smooth out and blend the colors.  I was amazed at the difference the gesso base coat made- the colors were much more creamy and I didn’t see any of my scribble from the Gelatos on the paper. Celebrate Card Steps I let the panel dry and stamped “Celebrate” from the Congrats stamp set in black ink repeatedly over each color. Gehring- WFC-FC- Celebrate 2 After allowing some additional dry time, I attached the panel to a red note card. A cascade of candy-colored enamel dots finished the card. Well, that’s all for me today.  Even if you think mixed media isn’t for you, I hope these cards encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and try something new while still keeping it you. Thanks for stopping by! --- Katie Thank you for sharing these fun and simple techniques with us today, Katie! We can't wait to try them!

Blog Hop Prize

waffle-flower-crafts-logo-RGB We have prepared a $50 gift certificate to our store as this week's prize! A random winner will be drawn from comments left on all the postings for this event! Enter before 11:59 pm Eastern on May 17, 2014. The winner will be announced on May 18. Don't forget to check out Design Memory Craft Blog and their Facebook for more inspiration and prizes! See you tomorrow!

Five for Friday: A Girl’s Best Friend - Katie Gehring

on April 17, 2015
Hello everyone! It's Katie here today to share another Five for Friday! DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehring As Marilyn Monroe proclaimed years ago, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. No longer relegated to jewelry, diamonds and gemstones are adding a bit of gem glam to all occasions and places. Check out some fun ways to add a little twinkle and bling to your day.

Glam Gifts

Gem Gift Wrap


Turning up the beat

gem speakersource

Fancy a drink?

drink stirrers


Sparkle around town

diamond tote bag source

On the walls

Gem artwork source

My card

I was inspired by the watercolor gem artwork to try a watercolor look with the Gemstone Stamp Set. Gehring- WFC- Shine Bright Stop by my blog for some tips on how I achieved this effect. --- Thanks for sharing with us, Kaite! You shine like a diamond! P.S. You may also want to check out our 3D Diamond Template Die here!

[WIW Video] A Wedding Card from Start to Finish with Tessa Wise

on April 15, 2015
Hello everyone! In this week's Watch It Wednesday, Waffle Flower design team Tessa is sharing a wedding card from start to finish! DesignTeamHeadshots-Tessa

[Video] A Wedding Card from Start to Finish

Watch it here or in HD on Youtube

Finished Card

Wedding 1


Wedding 2


Gemstone Stamp Set Doily Square Stamp Set Doily Square Die Set Spring Blend Ink Pad (7)

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