I received an iPhone 4S and a sewing machine this Christmas :) And here is what I came up with. My first ever sewing project on a sewing machine! I cheated every way I could. And I discovered my new best pal for sewing: The Seam Ripper! lol

I came up with this little pattern myself after reading part of the 2 sewing books: 1-2-3 Sew and Pretty Little Presents. So far, I like Pretty Little Presents better because of the illustrated instructions on basics - i.e. What is Topstitching? ;)  4 more books are on their way:) And I will share them as I learn:)

IMG 1197

And yes, the little box hiding behind the phone wrap is a scor-pal project with tutorial that will be shared in mid Jan, 2012:)

IMG 1198

I purchased some cheap fabric from Walmart for practicing and I look forward to having my hands on some super pretty but expensive fabrics in the future!

IMG 1201

On this new year eve, I had my first iPhone case sewed! :) Look forward to a fun and crafty 2012!