Hubby is on business trip - which means time to rearrange for me! My craft stuff is now covering every inch of my craft room and office floor (I will need to put some away to walk out ;). I've made some progress :) Such as these super cute spools of sweeties:

Twine storage

Aren't they the cutest? :) If you are following me on Pinterest, you probably have seen this awesome printable for twine and ribbon storage:) You can download the templates at Mollie's site - Wild Olive (She has some amazing printables!):

small ones (embroider floss and 10 yards of twine as shown in my photo) here!

big ones (3 yards of 1/2" wide ribbon shown in my photo) here!


Mollie is a master on embroidery! She has a beautiful blog and lots of inspirations! Such as these  color combos! Delicious! Now back to wrapping I go! Have a great day!