[Video] Planning with Laurie Willison

on December 01, 2014
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Hello everyone! We have Laurie from Soapbox Creations here with a video today! Laurie will show you how she setup her Erin Condren planner using our Planner: Stay Focused Stamp Set! We love how she keeps it simple! Enjoy!

[Video] Planning with Laurie Willison

Hey there!  It's Laurie here today with a post about these amazing Waffle Flower Crafts Planner stamps.  I don't know about you, but I am a planner nerd.  It's true!  I love to having everything all mapped out for the week and in a clean and simple way.  These WF stamps have become such a fun addition to my planning stash.  I have a video to share with you today, all about how I store my planning tools and how I map out a week.  I hope there are some tips that you find helpful!

Watch it below or on Youtube Here! http://youtu.be/bD9tXOIoiWE

Here are a few shots from the video.  This first is my planner station....


Here I have a little flag made by the "remember" stamp from the Planner-Stay Focused set.  You can also see how I washi tape my to do list to the Erin Condren ruler inside my planner.


Here is the dashboard I made.  So nice for holding all my post its...


I loved Jennifer McGuire's tab she made.  I made some using the To-Do and Due Today stamps...


I keep everything in the back of my planner in the little zipper pouch.


Hope you have enjoyed my video!  Thanks so much for coming by today!

Laurie Willison Soapbox Creations

[Video] Stamping Basics for Planner Users

on October 30, 2014
Hello everyone! We've had some questions about the basics of stamping from our planner users so we put together a short video to show you how to use them. Stamping-Basics-for-Planner-Users   We used a personal size Filofax page in the video but the stamps can be used on any planner. We used Fresh Ink but all pigment inks that dry on top of paper should work. Feel free to leave a comment if you have more questions!

Video: Stamping Basics for Planner Users

Watch below or in HD on YouTube here! http://youtu.be/UMIHH2vDpTg


Introducing Planner - Stay Focused & Planner Add-ons

on October 03, 2014
Hello everyone! Welcome to Day 3 of Waffle Flower Crafts October Release! We are switching to a quarterly release schedule so we are having a few more products introduced on each day until all products go live in our store on October 5. We have 10 stamp sets and 5 die sets in our Fall collection. If you follow our releases, you probably have noticed that Day 3 is always the day for our experimental sets. Day 3's sets are not for everyone but we hope there are something fresh, new and innovative in them for those who do like them. Take today's sets for example, they are made for planner lovers. Use it to customize your planner or to create one of your own! (How many of you are relieved now? No more enabling today LOL)

Planner - Stay Focused Stamp Set

MSRP $15.99 There is a huge planner nerd community out there. Time management is a grand topic. So I just focused on one function * I * need for this set. I use my phone and computer calendar for reminders but when it comes to planning, I go with paper. I've been using paper planners on and off for years and have switched back and forth among layouts and styles.  I've found that when my life/career changes, my need for a planner changes too. There are free planner printables online but they are expensive to print, take forever to cut and most importantly, they are still not customized to my needs. So I turned to my beloved stamps. I wanted to have stamps that can help me customize my planner to suit my needs at different times. And I hope that it will do the same for you! 271017 Planner - Stay Focused

Idea Sheet

With this stamp set, you can start planning right away with any notebook or blank pages that you may already have! 271017z Planner - Stay Focused Stamp Set Idea Sheet For those of you who are interested in this topic, we have put together a blog hop to share tips on using a planner, staying focused and staying organized.  We have planner users at all experience levels to share with us and will cover several of the leading planner brands in our hop. We look forward to seeing you here next Monday, October 6 for the hop! (Click here to start the hop!) Planner-Stay-Focused-Blog-Hop-Badge Besides the function-focused main stamp set, we also have two fun add-on sets for planner users this time. These two weather sets are great for everyday and travel planning.

Planner Add-on: Weather 1

MSRP $3.99 271018 Planner Add-on - Weather 1

Planner Add-on: Weather 2

MSRP $3.99 271019 Planner Add-on - Weather 2 Of course, they can be used on cards! I had a piece of pink stripe paper laying on the table so I created two quick cards with it. The sentiments were spelled with our Be My Guest Stamp Set. There are so many great sentiments we need! All in good time! wfc-3-stay-warm-card wfc-3-rain-or-shine-card The calendar you saw in our planner hop badge is a sneak peek to one of our sets for tomorrow. See you on Day 4!