[Tutorial] Faux Letterpress with Embossing Folder

on August 21, 2012

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Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress

Morning Crafters! Some of my most wanted Lifestyle Crafts embossing folders are finally shipping! While I was waiting on my new folders to arrive, I experimented with the Faux Letterpress technique. I've tried the technique a couple times before but was not satisfied with the inks I had. This time I tried Lifestyle Crafts letterpress ink and loved it!

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress you make me happy card

Here is a comparison photo. Crisp, even impression when using the letterpress ink on letterpress paper. The color is a bit off in this photo - I used the left piece (with light pink letterpress ink) on my card.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress ink paper comparison

A closeup (the one on the left in the photo above)

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress closeup

You will need:

1) A die cut machine. (Big-shot, Cuttlebug or Epic Tool)

2) A embossing folder (Sizzix, Cuttlebug or Lifestyle Crafts)

3) A letterpress ink or a ink pad (scroll down for ink comparison photo)

4) A good size acrylic block (ink base) and a brayer (or use a ink pad directly on the folder)

5) Cardstock or letterpress paper

6) Cleaning cloths

Step 1: Squeeze some ink onto the ink base. You do not need a lot: with the amount showing in the photo I was able to get two full pieces done. The letterpress ink comes in many different colors that you can also mix and create your own color.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress step 1

Step 2: Get a nice thin and even coat of ink on your brayer.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress step 2

Step 3. Transfer the ink to your embossing folder. The results will be more impressive if you ink the side with more raised area.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress step 3

Step 4. Put in your paper and run it through your die cut machine. Normal cardstock will do but I prefer the deep crisp impression with the letterpress paper Lifestyle Crafts carries. They come in all different sizes. I used No.10 flat cards (go in standard No. 10 envelopes).

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress step 4

As shown in the photo: dye Ink tends to bead up, pigment ink gets into the grooves and is hard to get an even coverage. The difference between my 1st  and 2nd run with the letterpress ink is that I put a piece of cereal box paper on top of my cutting plates the 2nd time.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress ink comparison

Both of my sample cards were made using a sketch from Hero Arts August Contest.

Nina yang lifestyle crafts faux letterpress sympathy card

Quick and easy! The results are quite striking in real life! Are you ready for some new embossing folders? :) Here is a preview of the new ones from Lifestyle Crafts! Fresh and trendy! I want to collect them all!

Nina yang lifestyle crafts embossing folders Free Shipping Web Banner

Watch L Letterpress video demos and tutorials here.

More of my posts on letterpress here.

In this tutorial, the ink base and ink brayer I used were from the letterpress starter kit which is sold in both Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann's (thinking about your 40% off coupon? wink!) I will also link all supplies at the bottom of this post (you can get 20% off them with my promo code + free shipping now thru August 26 at lifestylecrafts.com)

SUPPLIES (code WAFFLE for 20% off at lifestylecrafts.com)

Amazing Washi Tape Video

on May 01, 2012
I am working on the Paper Crafts Magazine publication call on projects using decorative tapes and came across this amazing video that I just had to share! WOW! WOW! is all that I can say. I just have to submit some projects to this call to justify all the tapes I bought :) Shop here! Submit here! Happy Crafting!

5 Ways to Use Banner Tabs

on April 26, 2012

Do you know that besides the monthly releases (march, april), Lifestyle Crafts also has their Core Collection Dies? Fancy Envelope Tabs is one of my all time favorite! Here are 5 fun ways to use the banner tabs die:

1. Use the tabs to make a party decor! (details here)


2. Use a tab to highlight the sentiments on your card. (details here)

Lilypad 1 year

3. Gift Wrapping

Tabs for gift wrapping

4. As a tag (details here)

Tab for tag

5. Labeling your storage boxes with the tabs. 

Tabs for labeling

Fun, right? :) I like how the dies are in pretty big sizes for some creative possibilities:) My blog readers can use promo coupon code WAFFLE  at Lifestyle Crafts for 20% off your entire order. Lifestyle Crafts is providing Free Shipping on all orders over $25 :)

Free shipping

And you can still get the Revolution die cut machine for 40% off with my coupon code.

Revolution Sale Coupon Waffle Banner

Please feel free to link your banner tabs projects in the comment:) Happy Crafting!

Hampton Art Design Team Goodies

on April 17, 2012

If you are following Hampton Art Blog, you probably have seen the unboxing videos by other design team members! The ladies did an amazing job!

My Clearsnap Colorbox inks arrived first:

Clearsnap colorbox inks

I made this color chart for quick reference:) The petal box I picked is called Arboretum :) As shown the top two rows in the photo. I am in the mood for muted colors right now:) The (+) means I have a full size pad for the color:)

Colorbox ink chart

My 10 lb. Hampton Art box arrived yesterday! 10 sets of 4"x8" clear stamps, 10 sets of 4"x8" cling stamps, 10 wood mounted stamps, some studio g shaped cards and stamps, a stamp scrubber, a glue pad, a set of embossing powder and some ditto products!

Hampton art goodies

Half of my stamp sets are from Doodlebug by Hampton Art! Have you checked them out yet? L.O.V.E. I'm very excited about the three basic frames and borders sets! Must haves, right? LOL

Doodlebug frames borders

I am not a vintage or steam punk kinda girl, but I will challenge myself with the following artsy sets. (from left to right) 1. stamp and die-cut/emboss with spellbinders dies; 2. can't wait to label the bottles; 3. I just had to have the female silhouette stamp, so beautiful!

Hampton art other brands

And the Ditto line! I plan to use it as my card sketch book:) Like the idea? :)


Colorful ditto reinforcement stickers in action! :)

Ditto reinforcement stickers

The ditto stamps came in a clear bag which is designed to go into the ditto binders:) Love this labels stamp set!

Ditto stamps

I went to Michael's the other day and could not help but take a photo of the Doodlebug inks and stamps on display: The 4"x8" stamp sets are just big and beautiful! I've also linked them in Two Peas Store ($6.99 for clear sets, $9.99 for cling sets) at the bottom of this post:)

Hampton art michaels

Can't wait to play with all my goodies in this coming design team year for Hampton Art! I hope that you can join us in all the fun over at Hampton Art Blog!

Paper Sale + Free Shipping

on April 16, 2012
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Just popping in quickly to share the sale! From April 16 to 22, Lifestyle Crafts is having a sale on two of their paper packs: $10 ($8 with coupon: WAFFLE) for a 24 pack. The designs are just sweet and sassy! Look at the patterns and colors: Chevrons, wild stripes, grids, yellow/blue, gray, teal/orange… Everything is so IN!

L Patterned Paper Sale

Free shipping

I ordered two packs for each design:) The patterns and colors just make me happy! Can't wait for them to come!

Love My Tape

on April 13, 2012
I am convinced that I can never win anything at a random drawing giveaway. So ever since I saw this on Lawn Fawn blog, I've been looking for them (they are sold out instantly on the official site, everything was gone before I got there…)
Love My Tape Giveaway
I was doing my daily checkout on Two Peas, and guess what I found! Yay! You can check out the whole collection here or click on the linked ones below (yes, these are the ones I ordered! I had to do it before I post them here;) Don't forget to check out the daily deal and up to 75% off sale! Don't forget to use your free shipping code for orders over $50:)

You might be interested in my other post: 10 Things to do with Washi Tape

10 Things to Do with Washi Tape

on January 27, 2012
I am obsessed with Japanese stationery: pens, markers, notebooks, bookmarks, erasers ... and of course washi tape! They never cease to amaze me that how much detail can be put into the little things. I am nothing close to being an artist, I struggle with colors all the time, but it dose not stop me from enjoying the cute tapes! Here goes my list of 10 fun things to do with them: 1. Tear them; enjoy the torn edges. The uneven edges look quite artistic, don't you think? And who said that tearing is therapeutic? ;) The Colorful Dots Set is one of my all time favorites! :) IMG 0265 2. Use them to attach stuff to your notes. The book in the background is the Book of MT (kamoi masking tape book). My first choice is always MT Masking Tape. They are the best! Sticky enough to hold things in place but leaves no residue and can be used over and over again! Not all the brands can do the same. IMG 0267 3. Write on them; use them as highlights. The Solids are great for this purpose! I use Sharpies (or any kind of alcohol-based ink) for this. I have heard people using water-based markers on them but I don't have the patience to wait for them to dry. IMG 0266 4. Use them to hold your dies in place:) If you are a card maker or scrapbooker, you probably have seen this use many times. Washi tapes can be used over and over again for this purpose. A quick tip: use them to pull out some detailed cuts that are hard to remove from the dies! And enjoy no residue nor torn paper. The regular tapes I have always seemed too strong for this. IMG 0268 5. Use them as pen holders:) I shared this idea before and the holder is still sitting on the shelf above my craft table, looking cute! This wide set of dots and strips is my favorite too! On the left, some of my latest rolls, still in the package:) IMG 1094 IMG 027110 6. Use them on cards when you just need  some suttle pattern/color/texture. My Original Post Here ( with a free digi paper pack) Dots tape from the wide set of dots and strips. I have seen many fun uses of them on cards, like the geometric pattern here and a chevron background here. IMG 1095 7. Use them to cover wooden clothes pins! Photo found in this post via ahappyadventure.com. The linked blog post has some great uses of tapes for Party Decor. NewImage 8. Give them as gifts! The Origami Gift Box for Washi Tape is one my most popular posts:) The dotted tape showing here on the left came with a Studio Calico kit. It is one of those ones with a sweet pattern but more paper-like and less sticky. NewImage NewImage 9. Use them for a collage! Photo from Hello Sandwich. The designer is an Australian artist living in Tokyo. Check out this MT Installation that you probably would not see elsewhere!. NewImage 10. Use them for gift wrapping:) This is a little preview of the project I am working on right now:) Yes, PDF printable template and Silhouette .studio cut file will be provided:) I designed the box the height of most washi tapes:) (UPDATE: The post is up now! Click Here!) IMG 1292 I cannot believe I have spent almost 4 hours on this post! Well, I had a blast! The things listed here are all simple, basic uses of washi tapes. There are a lot more creative and fun uses out there waiting for you to explore! UPDATE: 2/18/2012 - Many people asked me where do I get my washi tapes. Most of them I get at Two Peas. (Cassie from Paper Issues starts to carry them as well, and she is generously giving a 20% discount for my readers, just use code WAFFLE at checkout!) UPDATE: 4/12/2012
I was doing my daily checkout on Two Peas, and guess what I found! Yay! You can check out the whole collection here or click on the linked ones below (yes, these are the ones I ordered! I had to do it before I post them here;) Don't forget to check out the daily deal and up to 75% off sale! Don't forget to use your free shipping code for orders over $50:)
Happy Friday! Hugs, Nina

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