Glamorous Handmade Necklace Holder Box and #MakeitGiveit Sweepstakes

on December 12, 2014
Hello everyone! Nina here! I'm excited to share a quick way to custom-made a necklace holder with the popular Envelope Punch Board and the #MakeItGiveIt Sweepstakes - a partnership between Jo-Ann Stores and the National Military Family Association.

Glamorous Handmade Necklace Holder Box

We went all gold and glamor for our tree and gift wrapping this year. We can all use some glitter and metallic shine for Christmas, can't we? glamorous-gifts

The oversized golden flowers were made with the Flower Punch Board from some Goldie Lox Foil Paper. I've shared a tutorial on the Flower Punch Board earlier here and I am sharing a quick how-tos for the necklace holder made from a piece of kraft cardstock (12"x12") and the Envelope Punch Board. envelope-box-necklace-in   Ever since Laura shared the Box Buster with us, I've been wanting to try it! How cool is it to make any size of a box using our beloved Envelope Punch Board? I measured the necklace (handmade by my crafty friend Kimmers!) and decided the size for the box: 7-1/2" (depth), 4" (width) and 1" (height). I put these numbers in and got the following measurements: Paper Size: 10-3/8" First Punch: 3-1/4" Second Punch: 4-5/8" It took me a while to figure out how to use these measurements but once I did it was super quick and easy to make one! 1. Trim cardstock to 10-3/8" square. Score and Punch at both 3-1/4" and 4-5/8" at one side: envelope-box-first-score If your paper overhangs the board, you can put a piece of cardstock along a score line to help extend it in the same direction. envelope-box-extending-score-lines 2. Rotate the paper 180 degrees to score and punch at 3-1/4" and 4-5/8" on the opposite side. Finished as shown: envelope-box-measurements 3. Rotate the paper 90 degrees, either direction will work. lined up the score lines with the pointer and score the rest of the lines: envelope-box-other-sides Rotate 180 degrees to finish the last side. envelope-box-finished-score 4. Mark the center of the edges of the small flaps and score from where the two score lines crossed: envelope-box-mark-center So we can fold the flaps in as shown: envelope-box-fold 5. Trim one of the longer flaps and close the box: envelope-box-step-4   6. [Optional] Use a Hook & Loop Tab to close the box. You can also fasten with a piece of tape on the outside. envelope-box-valcro-closure 7. Make your flowers. Tutorial hereI paired the size S and L flowers for my box. envelope-box-flower-punch-board The oversized foil flower made all the difference! envelope-box-necklace-out You can also just tie ribbon around the box. I tried some super glittery tape: envelope-box-gliter-bow But the gold looks so cute under the tree! glamorous-gifts-under-tree Wrapping the gifts totally brought my holiday spirit up another level!  

#MakeitGiveit Sweeptakes

Win one of the FIVE $100 Jo-Ann gift cardss

#Makeitgiveit is more than just an online sweepstakes; it is a partnership between Jo-Ann and the National Military Family Association this holiday season. To celebrate, we want to give you a $100 Jo-Ann gift card as part of our Holiday Make it - Give it Sweepstakes! Entering is easy, just share a picture on Instagram of a holiday project you are working on and tag it with #MakeItGiveIt and you're entered! You have until December 25th, so start snapping pics! We'll pick 5 winners and announce them on December 30th. We'll also be donating 5 - $100 gift cards to the National Military Family Association to distribute to families. See official rules here: All entries will be featured on our Make Gifts Merrier Holiday Hub at, so be sure to check it out!
Exciting? :) No purchase required. All you need to do is to share a photo of a holiday project you are working on and hashtag #MakeItGiveIt on Instagram! Good luck, everyone!   This post is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® Make Gifts Merrier campaign. I received compensation in craft supplies; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.  All products used were my personal choice.

Scoring Board Basics - Getting Ready for Twelve Days of Gift Giving

on October 31, 2014
Hello everyone! Happy November! Are your schedules getting busier and busier for the upcoming holidays? We here at Waffle Flower Crafts like to work a little ahead and be prepared :) We are kicking off a Twelve Days of Gift Giving event on the WF Blog today!   Our design team will be using scoring boards throughout the days so we would like to cover some basics first.

Basic Scoring Boards

If you are new to paper crafting, here are the three most commonly used products that can do the scoring for us. All of them have a smaller/mini version but the 12"x12" versions are recommended for general paper crafting purposes.

Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board and Envelope Tool

Belonging to a well-known brand, the MS Board is widely available all over the world. In the US, they can easily be found at Michael's, Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby. We also found that they are sold at Amazon for $14.99. (Link below) The MS Board has the measurements for both Imperial (Inches) and Metric (Centimeters) in one package. It also includes a triangle tool to help us score those diagonal lines. The scoring guides (grooves) on the Martha Stewart board are in increments of 1/8". Some people don't like the bone-folder (scoring tool) that comes with the board and they will usually purchase a separate scoring tool of their liking to use with this board.

Scor-pal Measuring & Scoring Board

The thing we like about Scor-pal is that it is a family owned business dedicated to scoring boards. The owners have spent a lot of effort in providing inspiration and craft tutorials. Try their project list here. You can find them now on Amazon for $20.52. (Link below). Scor-pal has two separate products for Imperial (Inches) and Metric (Centimeters) so please pay a little attention when ordering. There is a triangle tool (Scor-ENVI Template) available as an add-on for scoring diagonally. The older version of a Scor-pal (the one linked below) has an increment of 1/4" with a few exceptions to make certain projects easier. The new Scor-pal (available this November) will have the 1/8 inch grooves right across the board. For $29.99, you can pre-order their new and improved version with a free Scor-Envi on their website here. We didn't know about this until we visited their website for this post. We're excited!

Fiskars 12 Inch SureCut Paper Trimmer + Score Blade

Like the MS Board, the good thing about Fiskars is that it is widely available. Many of you probably already have it in your stash. If you don't have a lot of room for storage or don't need a lot of scoring in your crafts, the Fiskars Trimmer + Score Blade would be a great choice. For our project tomorrow, we do not need a paper trimmer but a paper trimmer is a must-have for all paper crafters. If you are just getting started, we recommend getting a paper trimmer before a scoring board. If you can, get both!

Advanced Scoring Boards (Punch Boards)

We think We R Memory Keepers revolutionized the paper crafting industry with their Envelope Punch Board. As of today, there is a family of 6 punch boards in the market with more coming. They can be easily found at Michael's, Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby as well as online. The special projects can be done on a basic scoring board with some work, but the punch boards make the tasks easier. - Envelope Punch Board - Gift Box Punch Board - Gift Bag Punch Board - Candy Box Punch Board - Pillow Box Punch Board - Flower Punch Board If you are getting just one board, we recommend the Envelope Punch Board. Here are some projects Nina has shared on the blog using the Envelope Punch Board.

A Holiday Cookie Wrap?

nina-yang-christmas-cookie-holder Nina made this for Paper Crafts Holiday Cards & More Vol.8 Blog Hop. May we say that it was a hit? Fun and easy to make! There is something about punching paper that grants us satisfaction!

A Mini Envelope for A Card?

nina-yang-mini-envelopes-love-you-card One thing that we like the most about the Envelope Punch Board is that we can make many different sizes of envelopes! The one shows on the card is a custom size Nina came up with - check out all the measurement details here!

Even Making a Box from it?

nina-yang-pebbles-target-halloween-table-setting-treat-bag We also love the Gift Box and Gift Bag punch boards. You can see them in action in Nina's previous posts:

Playing with Gift Box Punch Board (with Video)


Take me to Spring Gift Bags (Photo Tutorial)

nina-yang-spring-gift-bags-punch-board-giveaway If you like to make home decors, the Flower Punch Board would be a great tool to have!

Flower Punch Board Tutorial

nina-yang-flower-punch-board-by-we-r-memory-keepers Now, who's looking forward for the Twelve Days of Gift Giving to start? (Wink!) Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

Playing with Custom Letterpress Printing Plates from Lifestyle Crafts

on April 09, 2014
Hello everyone! Popping in to share some fun I've had playing with the custom letterpress printing plates from Lifestyle Crafts / We R Memory Keepers. I love all the pre-designed printing plates  by Lifestyle Crafts, but I've always wanted to have some of my own. I've also got to play with the new and improved L Letterpress Platform (which will be available in WRMK official online store tomorrow, April 10!). I love that we have a few inks and some cleaning cloths to get started without further investment!

Unboxing L Letterpress Platform (Watch it below or in HD on YouTube) Since I've shared a few letterpressed projects before, I get questions like "How does it really work?" all the time. I think it is a little hard to explain unless you've seen it in action. So here is my video:

Custom Letterpress Printing Plates in Action (Watch it below or in HD on YouTube) Here are some closeups. waffle-flower-custom-letterpress-plate My design was bold and simple. Now that I've tried, I think that more delicate designs with finer lines will showcase this technique a lot more better. Something to try later! waffle-flower-custom-letterpress-closeup Cool, right? And I immediately used the tag on a gift bag! waffle-flower-custom-letterpress-gift-bag If you want to order your own custom letterpress printing plates, remember to check out the specifications on this page and place the order here. You will also need a L Letterpress Platform Starter Kit (remember to get the new and improved version). You can also find more inks, letterpress paper and printing plates here! We R Memory Keepers is also offering my blog readers a special 20% off coupon for shopping at lifestyle-studio-code-waffle Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

Happy Hearts Wall Decoration for Valentine's Day (Cloud Pattern in PDF and .studio)

on January 28, 2014
Hello everyone! I'm sharing a Valentine's Day decoration on Pebbles Blog today and thought it would be fun to share more step photos and a free pattern here. nina-yang-pebbles-yours-truly-valentine-wall-decoration I picked a few of my favorite patterns from Pebbles Yours Truly collection and die cut a bunch hearts in various sizes. I used a set of nesting dies but you can also hand drew your own. nina-yang-pebbles-yours-truly-valentine-wall-decoration-step-1 I hand drew a cloud on the grid paper to be my base panel. I've made it into a pattern that you can download at the end of this post. nina-yang-pebbles-yours-truly-valentine-wall-decoration-step-2 I arranged the hearts in a random pattern and adhered them together with some foam adhesive. nina-yang-pebbles-yours-truly-valentine-wall-decoration-step-3 I also used some printed chipboard shapes for more visual interest. nina-yang-pebbles-yours-truly-valentine-wall-decoration-step-5 Finished! nina-yang-waffleflower-valentines-day-wall-decor Download the cloud pattern here: Click on a link to go to the download page. You are welcome to share the projects you make with these  templates as long as proper credit is given. Please link to this post and not the file directly. Thanks! PDF (For use with your printer and then cut by hand with scissors) .studio (For use with Silhouette electronic die cut machine) Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!

Playing with Gift Box Punch Board + Giveaway

on December 22, 2013
Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season? Popped in to share a few boxes I made with the new Gift Box Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers. nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-giveaway

Video Demo

As a box lover, I am excited about all the new punch boards. Here are three things I like the most about the Gift Box punch board:
  • It does not require any additional supplies except a paper trimmer. No adhesive needed.
  • Because of the design, the finished box is sturdier than a common scoring board box.
  • We can make boxes up to 4"x4"x4". (The box dies on the market today usually make boxes no bigger than 2"x2"x2").
Watch the video below or in HD on YouTube.

An Alternative

Shown in the video was one way to finish the box. I would like to share an alternative here. nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-belly-band-Edit

1. Score, Punch and Fold

I trimmed letter-size cardstock to 8" x 8" and followed the instructions: nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-score-fold-Edit

2. Mountain Fold the diagonal score lines.

The diagonal score lines were Valley Folded in the video for a smooth outside finish. But we can also Mountain Fold them to add more visual interest to the outside. nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-side-Edit

3. Staple the flaps to the outside of the box.

nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-stapler-Edit This finish will make the square boxes look like a take-out box. (As shown in the video.) nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-stapled-Edit

4. Use a belly band to finish it up.

I wrapped my box with a simple belly band and tied some twine. nina-yang-gift-box-punch-board-wrapped Quick, easy and satisfying. I had a blast!


Thanks We R Memory Keepers for providing a punch board for my blog readers to win! Enter to win a Punch Board of Your Choice! a Rafflecopter giveaway You can always save 20% on your entire order at using my special promote code: WAFFLE. Did you know the "Free Shipping on All Orders" promotion there this week?


I'm trying a new giveaway tool this time. Hope that it will make the entries easier! Good luck, everyone! No purchase is required to enter the giveaway.

[Video Tutorial] DIY Pom-Pom Spider for Halloween Decoration + a Coupon

on October 09, 2013
Hello everyone! Today's project was inspired by a wooden stick that I found in front of our home. I've wanted to try spray paints for a while and I knew immediately that I could use the stick with pom-pom spiders for the Jo-Ann #spookyspaces campaign for Halloween! I remembered seeing a "pompom garland" tip sheet at the "Creativity Made Simple" shelf at my local Jo-Ann store and knew that I could find the pom-pom makers there. My objective was to create a neat Halloween decoration for under $25.  So with my coupons I began. For a moment, I was distracted by the black feather wreath, face paints and all the cute decorations for Halloween, but I pretty much stuck to the plan and made all of the items shown below (including the glass and beads) for $24.74!

Halloween Mantel Decoration

nina-yang-halloween-spookyspaces-pom-pom-spider-mantel I couldn't resist the black burlap. It was screaming to be tied into a bow! Haha! I love it! nina-yang-halloween-spookyspaces-pom-pom-spiders I'm glad I brought home the sparkly beads and the glass holder! Made quite a difference! Hope that you can see the sparkles in the yarn that I used for the spiders? nina-yang-halloween-spookyspaces-pom-pom-spider Now all I want to do is to make pom-pom spiders and put them everywhere!

Pom-Pom Spider Video Tutorial

There are many versions of pom-pom spiders out there, but I hope mine is still original? My husband insisted that spiders need legs. I had to improvise! :) nina-yang-halloween-pom-pom-spider-video-cover With the Clover Pom-Pom Maker, all we need is some yarn and a pair of scissors to make this spider. (Only add thread if you want to hang them.) It takes about 5 minutes to make one! Let's get started! (Watch it in HD here.) Clover makes some of the most innovative craft tools! I used their Ball-Knot tool on another project: Paper Ball with Ball Knot. You can get them for a few bucks at Jo-Ann.

The Coupon

Thanks Jo-Ann for letting me share the coupon here so you can save 50% on an item too! May I recommend using it on the new Fiskars 8" Amplify Mixed Media Shears? (As see in the video.) They work very well on both thin and thick materials - two thumbs up! JF13_Halloween_Coupon The coupon works online but visiting a Jo-Ann store is a lot more fun! Lots of inspiration and great sales are waiting for you! You can also find a project that you would like to make before you go at the brand new Celebrate the Season website! This post is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores® Celebrate the Season campaign. I received compensation in craft supplies for this post; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.  All products used were my personal choice.  Thank you Jo-Ann!  Thank you for stopping by! Happy Halloween!

The Road Gose Ever On

on May 17, 2012
Who said designing is all about connecting dots? An encouragement theme, some gingham and a stamp set of traffic signs and alphabets by Gel∙à∙tins, I came up with this card: Nina yang gelatins the road goes ever on I used the B sides of Farm Field Stripe Paper, Cherry Pie Paper and Sweet Floral Paper from Country Charm collection by GCD Studios. I used a lollypop stick and two brads to hold the sign. I wanted to keep the background soft so that the road sign and the car silhouette can pop.  Polka dots would have been too sweet for the theme but ginghams were just perfect! Nina yang gelatins the road goes ever on closeup I hand drawn the scene on some scrap and used it as a template to cut my patterned paper. The wavy edge of the green piece (grass or mountain?) is punched out with a lucky 8 punch with settings set to cut the Outer Cut only :) Nina yang hand drawn scene Life is a journey and the road goes ever on. Enjoy the ride, everyone! :)  

Juice Box Video Tutorial

on May 15, 2012
Happy Tuesday Crafters! It is not a secret that I am a big fan of paper boxes! I have had my eyes on the fabulous Juice Box die by Lifestyle Crafts Core Collection for about 3 months and now it is finally shipping at :) My blog readers can use code WAFFLE at checkout for 20% off the entire order. Nina yang lifestyle crafts juice box If this is your first time playing with a box die, the following video tutorial may help you get started quickly:) Note 1: Cutting the notches is not a must but if you are using cardstock or heavy weigh patterned paper, the notches will help you get a clean and crisp look. Note 2: The scored lines were going to be folded in different ways so I did not pre-fold them all - less chance for the perforated lines to break. You can also put a piece of scotch tape on the back. Note 3: Practice makes perfect. I made about 6 to get the hang of it :) But with the tutorial, I hope that you can be perfect at first try! :) Any unclear, please feel free to leave a comment to this post :) Have fun! They make the cutest party favors ever! Checkout my summer party ensemble here! Nina yang lifestyle crafts juice box closeup You may be also interested in: DIY Mini Envelopes. I will share more of my projects using the new dies this month, so stay tuned~ :) Happy Crafting!

Mother's Day Gift + Tote Bag Template

on May 12, 2012
Morning Crafters! Only one day left for getting a gift for The Woman in our lives! How about a gift card with a hand-made tote bag card holder? :)  I was inspired by this photo  to use a tote bag for mother's gifts! Every mom needs a roomy and beautiful tote, right? :) Let's get started! Nina Yang GCD Studios 5 12 Gift for Mother Day Week Download the Tote Bag Template Print the template at 100% scale on paper or cardstock to use as a template.  Decorate! I added some self-adhesive pearls for the bag feet :) Finished Size: 4"x2.5"x2". This is my first design team project for GCD Studios. Head over to our blog here for the amazing projects by the design team ladies! Have Fun and Happy Mother's Day!
Nina Yang GCD Studios DT, 2012 GCD Studios Card Gal

DIY Mini Envelopes

on May 11, 2012
Have you noticed the mini envelope trend? I went ahead and made a bunch with some envelope dies and patterned paper from Lifestyle Crafts. Most of the patterns I used were double sided solids - I added the texture with background stamps from Hero Arts. Nina yang mini envelope The banner and the bigger envelope dies are from the same set. The best part is that I can use whatever paper I need to match my projects! Nina yang basic envelopes How about some neon eyelet envelopes? :)  "Smile" from Flower Garden by Hampton Art. Nina yang neon eyelet envelope This paper is my favorite from Sweet and Spicy Collection. Some of the dots are raised with a glassy finish, very pretty in real life! Nina yang eyelet envelope Size comparison (mini: 3.75"x5"; super mini: 1.75"x3") Nina yang mini envelops size compare Fun, right? :) Can't wait to use them on some projects! Happy Crafting! code WAFFLE for 20% off everything at Lifestyle Crafts.