[WIW Video] Doily Circle Die Cutting Tips

on March 01, 2016
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Hello everyone! For this week's Watch it Wednesday, we have not one but two videos for you! While Doily Circle Die flying off the shelf, we've got some requests on tips about cutting detailed dies. Nina and Tessa are sharing theirs today!

[Video] Doily Circle Die Cutting Tips - Nina

In this video, Nina shares her tips on die cutting big and intricate designs such as our Doily Circle Die. No special tools/plates needed.

[Video] Diecutting Detailed Die Tips - Tessa

In this video, Tessa shares three ways and some handy tools to help die cut detailed dies. Thank you for stopping by today! Find time to create and make something today!

Scor-Pal Twist Open Pop-up Photo Box

on September 20, 2011

Free Printable template  and instructions for the same design: Go here!


I mad this Scor-Pal version for September Scor-pal Designer Challenge :”)

Paper Size: 7'' x 11'' (letter size with 1-1/2'' trim off the short sides)

Paper Type: Heavier weigh cardstock or patterned paper (65lb or above)

Additional supplies: Scissors, Scor-tape, Scotch, Hole Punches (1/16'' and 1/8''), #16 Rubber Band x 1, Ribbon (Optional)

Finished Cube size: 2'' x 2'' x 2''



Step 1: Short side at top, score  at 1/2'', 2-1/2'', 4-1/2'' and 6-1/2''

P1020787 1

Step 2: Long side at top, score at 2'', 2-1/4'', 2-1/2'', 4-1/2'', 6-1/2'', 8-1/2'', 8-3/4'' and 9''


Step 3: Cut as shown:

P1020790 1

Step 4: Score at 5'' as shown, stop as arrows show


Step 5: Add additional scores as shown:



Step 6: Cut as shown:


Step 7: Fold as shown:

P1020795 1

Step 8: Flip over and add tape close to fold lines. If you want to stamp on the paper, now it is the time :)


Step 9: Cut rubber band holes:





Step 10: Add ribbon holder (if desired)


Step 11: Remove all tape liners and form the box: Put the other end of the rubber band in as shown


Step 12: Decorate. I used the leftovers and cut the 2'' x 2'' squares out


I stamped and inked the edges. Cut them as show(1 into 4 pieces, others into 2 pieces) You can also cut photos.


Remember to leave a gap in the middle so the box can still be folded down.


You can stamp directly on the box in Step 8 :)

How to Twist the box down:

P1020783 1



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