Hello everyone! Today I am featured for the Hampton Art & Scor-pal Week! You can check out all the projects and the giveaway details here! The winner will be announced on Monday the 19th. I am a long time Scor-pal fan and I am very excited to play with the new Scor-Envi they just came out with. And here is what I have for you today: quick and easy take-out boxes! Finish one in 5 minutes! nina-yang-hampton-art-scor-pal-blog-hop-wf My inspiration is the cute Tiny Take Out Box designed by Beate Johns. I am lazy so my version involves no cutting or gluing and can be followed very loosely. Watch the tutorial in HD on Youtube or below: Just cut your paper to a square (I used 5-1/2" squares for my projects), put it against the scor-pal & Scor-envi as shown below; score two vertical lines (7" and 9" for the square boxes; 7-1/4" and 8-1/2" for the lower boxes with bigger openings); keep rotating the paper 90 degrees and scoring at the same two vertical marks. nina-yang-hampton-art-scor-pal-blog-hop-scor-envi Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you are playing with the combinations. See that my lines did not meet at the ends in the photo below? I went back and score 1 more line1/4" inward on each side and made the "Smile" box with cool folded edges: nina-yang-hampton-art-scor-pal-blog-hop-score-lines nina-yang-hampton-art-scor-pal-blog-hop-smile I had fun making a lace paper box (the "Best" box as shown below) and the purse. To make the purse, just cut two top flaps off and fold the sides in, easy peasy! nina-yang-hampton-art-scor-pal-blog-hop-containers Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting!