Hello everyone! I'm very excited to share today's project with you! Since Waffle Flower does not have any Halloween designs this year, I haven't been able to make anything for Halloween except some cards until... yesterday! I was so happy to receive the invitation from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to participate in their new campaign: #DIY4Halloween - a perfect opportunity to DIY for, isn't it?! diy-halloween-pencil-toppers I went to my local Jo-Ann with the coupons on my phone (did you get the mobile apps? so convenient!). I spent a couple of hours browsing the fun collections, dreaming of the possibilities and brought home the supplies for my Halloween Pencil Toppers! diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-supplies


I will try to link to joann.com where you can order some of the supplies online. But since it is close to Halloween, you probably need to go to the store to get your supplies. - Styrofoam Balls (There are many sizes, I picked the Floracraft 2-1/2" Styrofoam Balls - 6PK/White.) - Craft Felt (I picked my own colors and ended up using: orange, green, purple and white on my project) - Craft Foam (I got the rainbow color pack and used only the black this time) - Goggly eyes (I got a pack of sticky-back eyes with sorted sizes, in store only) - Scissors (My favorite is this Fiskars Amplify Mixed Media Shears. Clean cuts every time!) - Hot Glue Gun (I got the cheap one.) - Pencils (From my stash). Now, Let the fun begin!!!


I'm showing the steps for making the pumpkin. 1. Push a pencil into the styrofoam ball. You may need to put a dot of hot glue at the tip to help keeping it in place. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-1 2. Trim a piece of orange felt to size, wrap it around the styrofoam ball and gather the tails. Try to have at least some smooth area for the face. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-2 3. Wrap string at the bottom, pull tie and secure. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-3 4. Pick your eyes. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-4 5. Add the stem: Cut a thin strip of green felt and glue in place. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-5 6. Cut a thin strip of green felt, wrap it a few times around a finger and let go. Glue in place and  we have our perfect curls. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-6 7. Cut a small triangle and the mouth from black foam and glue in place. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-8 You can have a lot of fun decorating these styrofoam balls! Here are the three I made before I added the foam "accessories". I deliberately wrapped the Frankie in a square shape. diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-step-7 And here are the ball decorated with some black foam. I love how much characteristic the hand-cut foam pieces added to each and every one of them! diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-get-in-the-photo My favorite is the Frankie. Now I need more green felt to make a whole family of them! LOL diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-frankie What I like most about this Jo-Ann campaign is that everyone is invited to play! Share your own handmade Halloween projects with us by hashtag: #DIY4Halloween on Instagram! diy-halloween-pencil-toppers-group Need more inspiration? Check out the Jo-Ann Halloween Sharing Hub! So many great DIY projects to choose from! I'm also linking you to some of my other Halloween projects from past few years:

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Now I'm all ready for Halloween! How about you? Come share with us!