DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehring Hello friends, Katie here. I am not much of a coffee drinker in the warmer months, preferring my caffeine cold and in the form of Diet Coke, but over the holidays, I love to savor a warm cup of coffee at the start and end of my day. In anticipation of my caffeinated tradition, I have a round up of fun coffee-themed finds to share with you today. Check it out:

Coffee 101

Confusing your macchiatos with your cappuccinos? This chart can help you brush up on what goes into each fancy drink. coffee-1


Latte Art

The designs that baristas create with foam is worth the price of admission to those fancy coffee shops. Check out an entire tray full of latte art. Where’s the tip jar? coffee-2


A Charming Cup

Is there a more darling way to show your love for coffee than by wearing this darling necklace? coffee-3


Sweet Little Lies

I need this mug! It’s this part of the allure of that first cup in the morning? coffee-4

In Song

This song, sung by the amazing Kristen Chenoweth, has been around for a while, but it always makes me smile.

My card

Using the Warm Wishes stamp set (releasing Feb 24, 2016), I created this card featuring my first attempt (that I will share publicly) at no-line Copic coloring. Stop by my blog for more details! Gehring- WFC- Warm Wishes