My first Silhouette project to share:) 3D Tree original design: Cartonus (New Year) Click here to download Silhouette Studio Cut File (.studio) Click here to download the printable template (.pdf) Supplies besides paper: Silhouette (or Printer + Scissors + Scoring Tool), Glue [Optional]: Stamp, Punch, Tooth Pick, Twine IMG 0856 Assembly Steps: 1. (Print and) Cut the template on card stock or patterned paper. Score the score lines if using the printable version. IMG 0839 2. [Optional] Stamp.  Or adhere patterned paper panels to the tree fronts. leaving a 1/16'' border on all sides. IMG 0840 3. Fold the fold lines: Valley Fold as the four arrows shown; Others: Mountain Fold. IMG 0842 4. (Stamp the tree before you) Glue both branchy edges together. IMG 0844 5. Put the piece with NO FLAP down first. IMG 0845 6. Then tuck down the piece with big flaps. Keep the two small flaps out as shown. IMG 0846 7. Tuck the small flaps in. IMG 0847 8. [Optional] make the star top. I punched two stars from scrap and glued a tooth pick in between them. IMG 0848 9. Ooh la la~ A super cute Christmas Tree. The tooth pick fits right in! IMG 0851 10. Decorate however way you want! Remember: if you want to stamp on the tree, do it before Step 4. IMG 0852 I made a little tag to go with it for Just Us Girls Sketch Challenge. But I think I like it plain. Well, we have two sides! :") IMG 0855 I just love Christmas Crafting. My DH has been playing Christmas songs since he saw the trees. Have Fun!