I am working on a Scor-pal version but for now it is a printable template:)

UPDATE: Scor-Pal Version is Here!

Let's get started! :")

Step 1: Download the Template Here

Step 2: Print - The finished box is 2'' x 2'' x 2'' when printed 100% on Letter Sized paper.

If printed image is not completed, try with printer settings set to "Fit to Page" or "Scale to Fit ...".

Step 3: Score and Fold according to instructions in the template.


Step 4: Add Tape as shown below (close to the fold lines where two sides will connect); Punch ribbon hole if desired.

P1020774 2

Step 5: Attach the Rubber Band

P1020776 1

Step 6: First side up

P1020777 1

Step 7: Add Ribbon

P1020778 1

Step 8: Top on

P1020779 1

Step 9: The other end


Step 10: Close


Step 11: Twist

P1020783 1



Step 12: Decorate as desired


There are two triangle shapes included in my template. There will be a 1/8'' gap all around the shape when added.

Or just cut 4 pieces of 2'' x 2'' squares:

I stamped and inked the edges. Cut them as show(1 into 4 pieces, others into 2 pieces) You can also cut photos.


Remember to leave a gap in the middle so the box can still be folded down.


You can stamp directly on the box in Step 4 for this printable template :)



This template is inspired by Sizzix XL Die - Twist Cube, Pop-up 3D by Karen Burniston. The die is awesome: bigger box (3-1/4''), no more scissors nor scoring. Karen's design also adds strength to both top and bottom. The video and instructions on their product page are very helpful.


I am not associated with Sizzix in any way. It is just that the convenience and uniformity of the die cannot be comprised with my template. So if you really like this box design, this die would be a nice choice.