Valentine's Day is just two weeks away, let's make some lovely holders with hearts on top, shall we? :) IMG 1315 Tie some pretty ribbon around your cards and they will still fit ok. :) IMG 1302 And this time, I tried something new:) I made a true print-cut-fold-and-done template! Show in the photo below: Fully printed in the front and real washi decorated in the back :) I actually like the printed one better myself:) For flexibility, I threw in a blank printable template as well :) IMG 1318 Here is a little preview of the patterned template: I used pastel colors because it helps saving printer inks (hopefully) :) The colors are sampled from this photo on (I love all the palettes they have! All!) Printable heart top box template preview Download Patterned PDF Printable Template (folds are different from the blank one below) Download PDF Printable Template (Blank, print at 100% on the back of letter-sized paper) Download Silhouette .studio Cut File (You may score the box later yourself *) Assembly: * For Silhouette users, since the score lines are perforated, they may fell apart. My solutions are to either add some tape in the inside along the lines or just cut out the outline (by removing the dotted lines in the .studio file before you send it to cut), and score with a ruler and the back of your craft knife. 1. [Optional] Stamp; cover the heart with some different paper before you fold. 2. Fold the box according to the instructions on the templates. You will get something like this: IMG 0271 3. [Optional] Add additional embellishments as you like. IMG 0278 4. [Important] Close the heart first. IMG 0276 5. Finally, tuck in the top and bottom. IMG 0281 Any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment:) And I would love to see your creations! Enjoy! IMG 1314