Happy Monday!

I am here to share my guest design project for Scor-pal blog. My apologies that I could not finish the Ver. 2 tutorial for this post today. I made about 20 boxes to get the Ver. 1 tutorial done. And after making 10+ more, I have simplified the pattern to Ver. 2 as shown here. I promise I will put the tutorial up ASAP! (A full video tutorial, maybe! lol)


Download a pdf of the Ver. 1 Tutorial Here, Hexagon Template Here, watch the final step here:

Ver. 2 - 5 simple steps with a minimum supplies as shown below:


I am so sorry that I ran out of time preparing for the V.2 tutorial. Hopefully it will be done in time for this 214 :) I cannot wait to show them to you, so much simpler (and prettier, in my opinion;)! You may want to get your double sided patterned paper ready:)

Scor-pal Petal Box Version 2 [Video Tutorial] is Ready!

Valentine Petal Boxes

Happy Crafting!