Hey, it's Linda again! Today's project is related to my layout from last Friday. It's a card for my youngest, whose birthday was actually last week, but uh, we were lame and didn't do anything big that day. It was back to school and he chose to wait. But still... I did make a cake! ;) Today is actually my birthday, but when you get to my age, it's actually more fun to celebrate other people's birthday. So this weekend, we are having a do-over for the little guy. He finally gets a card. And presents. And another cake. So this card. I used Shellabrate, Sketchy Alpha, and the little candle from Sketchy Numbers. To add color, I used Color Story inks. Yup. Only Color Story inks and an orange marker for the little candle inside the card. Dye inks are awesome! You can use them to watercolor your images (i used watercolor paper). LindaBarber.WaffleFlower.2A For both the outside and inside backgrounds, I used New Fish In Pond. The turtles were colored with Chirp Chirp! and Coffee Loves Milk, the red A with My Pleasure, and the touches of yellow on the candles were You Said What? For black, I used pigment ink so I could emboss the images. LindaBarber.WaffleFlower.2B The big and little turtles look a little different in color, but it's just a question of adding more or less water to the ink. So simple, and it doesn't require for you to get any extra supplies. Just the dye inks you already have, a brush and water! Thanks for stopping by. Have fun creating this weekend. I'm off to finish making that cake!
Happy, happy birthday, Linda! Thank you for sharing this special card with us!