Happy Tuesday Crafters! It is not a secret that I am a big fan of paper boxes! I have had my eyes on the fabulous Juice Box die by Lifestyle Crafts Core Collection for about 3 months and now it is finally shipping at  lifestylecrafts.com :) My blog readers can use code WAFFLE at checkout for 20% off the entire order. Nina yang lifestyle crafts juice box If this is your first time playing with a box die, the following video tutorial may help you get started quickly:) Note 1: Cutting the notches is not a must but if you are using cardstock or heavy weigh patterned paper, the notches will help you get a clean and crisp look. Note 2: The scored lines were going to be folded in different ways so I did not pre-fold them all - less chance for the perforated lines to break. You can also put a piece of scotch tape on the back. Note 3: Practice makes perfect. I made about 6 to get the hang of it :) But with the tutorial, I hope that you can be perfect at first try! :) Any unclear, please feel free to leave a comment to this post :) Have fun! They make the cutest party favors ever! Checkout my summer party ensemble here! Nina yang lifestyle crafts juice box closeup You may be also interested in: DIY Mini Envelopes. I will share more of my projects using the new dies this month, so stay tuned~ :) Happy Crafting!