Hello everyone! Our new products are now available for purchase in the store! Have fun browsing and shopping! [caption id="attachment_10928" align="aligncenter" width="600"]June-Release-Now-Shipping Code EARLYBIRD for $5 off $50 by Sunday June 8, 2014[/caption] Thank you for being excited for this release. We are glad that so many of you have noticed the differences and small improvements we are trying to make. We hope that you will enjoy playing with the products. In tomorrow's Five for Friday, we will share 5 ways for you to join us! Everything is more fun when shared with friends, right? nina-yang-floral-friend-card

 Loved Stamp SetFlower Circles Stamp Set

Before we get into the winners, I would like to share some cool ways to use the flexible tag hole die from our Surface – Tag Die – Starter Kit. Remember I mentioned that the flexible tag hole die does not work the way I imagined? Because the metal guideline will leave an impression on the paper. My husband thinks it is the coolest feature of this die, haha! nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-die But as "traditional" as a person I am, I don't want people to see the lines. So I masked it and colored in. nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-die-inking-1 Because one stripe is not enough, I added two! nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-die-inking-2 Now I think it is cool! And the best part? No one will notice the lines! Yay!

nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-die-tagSurface – Tag Die - Starter Kit, Flower Circles Stamp Set

We can also use the die as a template to guide us and get a well centered hole. nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-template Use a pen or pencil to mark the center and then punch with a hole punch. nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-template-punch I used a 3/16" punch but you can also use an 1/8" or 1/4" hole punch for this. Our Tag Hole Reinforcer works great with them all! nina-yang-flexible-tag-hole-template-finished Finished tag as shown on the left: nina-yang-surface-tag-dies Fun, right? We encourage you to experiment with yours and see what you can create!


Congratulations to our June 2014 Release winners!

For Day 1: Surface – Tag Stamp Set

day-1-winner-number day-1-winner

For Day 2: Loved Stamp Set

day-2-winner-number day-2-winner

For Day 3: Flower Circles Stamp Set

day-3-winner-number day-3-winner

For Day 4: Bowtiful Additions Stamp Set

day-4-winner-number day-4-winner

Bonus Giveaway on Facebook:

facebook-winner-number facebook-winner Congratulations, winners!!! Please email us your snail mail address to claim your prize! If you plan to place an order and save on the shipping, we would gladly provide you a $20 store coupon in place of the stamp set. Just let us know! waffle-flower-email A big thank you to everyone! We hope that you enjoyed the release and will check back for more inspiration through out the month. And don't forget to join our design team blog hop on July 5th! Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!