Hello everyone! Popped in to share a card I made last night and to announce the winners of our Instagram Thank You Giveaway. wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card I was browsing our store and thought that I should make a real sample from our idea sheets. And I picked the very first one that came up: the idea sheet for 100% Love Stamp Set. This is a fun little 2"x3" set that can add a lot to our projects! 271016z 100 percent Love Stamp Set Idea Sheet I pulled out the set as well as the Surface - Tag Stamp Set that has the solid mini tag image to pick some colors. wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card-picking-colors I catalog all my ink colors on a 1 page color chart. I have multiple charts for each brand but you can also download a blank page for your own ink collection here: Download a blank hand color chart here. I first stamped the thank you circle on a piece of sticky note and cut out to use as a mask. Then I stamp the circle again on the front of my white card base. wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card-mask Put the mask on top of the other circle to "mask" it and stamp the tag image on top. Remember when masking, always stamp the image that will be on top first. wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card-masking I used dye ink for the circle and the tag because they dry fast. Then I needed a pigment ink that will dry on top of the surface so the color can show up. Electric Pink for the tag string! wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card-pigment-ink Then I finished the card with a sentiment "for everything" from our Tribal Thank You Stamp Set and a few hearts from 100% Love Stamp Set. Can't help but bling them up with a glitter pen! wfc-tiny-tag-thank-you-card-closeup And the sentiment is exactly what I want to say to you guys! Thank you for being excited, being supportive and helping us spread the word! You are the best! winner-announced

 The Instagram Thank You Giveaway Winner

winner-number winner-screenshot Congratulations, @mrsfda and your friend @queenpreneur. Please send us your choice of a stamp set and your snail mail address to claim your prize! We will also try to contact you on Instagram! waffle-flower-email Thank everyone for joining us! You are the BEST!