Hello everyone! I'm sharing a Lucky Clover Door Hanger on Pebbles  Blog today and thought it would be fun to share how I made the 4-leaf clover here! My project was for St. Patrick's Day until I found out that Shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers are different... Did you know that? nina-yang-3d-shamrock-diy I was totally inspired by the Buttflies from Pebbles Garden Party collection! It was harder than I thought to create the look, but now we have a template pattern to make our lives easier!

How to Make the Lucky Clover

1. Download template: http://cl.ly/2s1G3m3M272f, print and cutout as indicated.


2. Trim paper to 3-1/2"W x 7"L, score every 1/4" widthwise. Score and fold in half lengthwise, pattern side in.


3. Put the straight edge of the template against the fold and trace the scallop edge on the back.

The black solid lines on the pattern indicate score lines. You don't need to score/fold the pattern itself. The lines are there so that if you don't have a scoring board, you can use the lines as guides to score your paper. nina-yang-3d-shamrock-trace-pattern

4. Cutout the scallop edge, open up your paper and fan-fold. Start with a mountain fold on either end.


5. Fan-fold means alternating your mountain folds and valley folds.


6. Secure the center with floral wire


7. Fan out to desired shape and we are done!

nina-yang-3d-shamrock-diy-fan-out A quick note: If you are attaching the shamrock to an open surface, secure the wire with some washi tape can help protect fingers from the sharp edges. nina-yang-3d-shamrock-diy-back Now head back to Pebbles Blog to check out the finished project! nina-yang-3d-shamrock-diy-side Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!