Hello everyone! Did you know that March is National Craft Month?  I'm very excited to share this DIY Nautical Tote Bag as part of the Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft Stores® National Craft Month campaign. I am one of the crafters selected to share our love for crafting and highlight the latest spring trends. Jo-Ann makes spring crafting easy during National Craft Month with a $5 off $25 or more purchase coupon and a spring crafting inspiration website. Since we've been having bright sunshine days here in Arizona, it was easy for me to take on the Nautical trend. nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-featured I always try to include something new when creating for Jo-Ann. And for today's project, I'm playing with Fabric Transfer Ink! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-supplies


- DecoArt Ink Effects blue ink - Deco Art Ink Effects for Cotton Fabrics spray - Wear'm medium canvas tote in natural color - Printable anchor pattern (download link at the end of this post) - Paint palette and paint brush - Iron [Optional] Chic Twisted Handles - 3/8" natural twisted trimming (1 yard) - Dritz 7/16" eyelet kit - Scissors - Hammer All supplies except the anchor pattern were found and bought at my local Jo-Ann store. All products used are my own choice and this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.

First Try

I used thin printer paper (24lb) for my pattern and it worked fine. The instruction says that the Fabric Transfer Ink can be used on coloring book pages - endless pattern possibilities! As you can see the picture below, a little goes a long way! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-anchor-left I painted very carefully on this anchor but I couldn't keep the paint within the lines so I decided to cut it out. It is always easier to cut out a pattern starting with the center portion. nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-cutout Here is where it didn't work out. I ironed the pattern on and it was much lighter than I expected. I then read the instructions and found out the "Vibrancy of color transfer will vary with different blends of fabrics. For best results, use fabrics that contain 60% or less." <-- Read the instructions! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-without-fabric-spray The tote bag I used is 100% cotton. I'm so glad I got the Cotton Fabrics spray! It conditions the cotton to increase ink absorbency. Spray and let dry! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-ink-eefects-for-cotton-fabrics

Second Try

While waiting on the tote to dry, I prepared my second anchor pattern. Since I knew I would cut it out, I went with a wider paint brush and just brushed the color on. nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-anchor-right I poured too much ink out so I decided to try some other patterns! First, a self-adhesive compass mask! Think how cool this would be on a T-shirt?! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-compass Then I tried using masking tape to create stripes. Quick and easy! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-stripes Let the painted patterns to dry for about 45min. Put the pattern ink side down on the tote surface, put a piece of clean paper on top, set your iron on highest heat and "dry" (no steam!) and iron away! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-dry-iron I ironed my anchor first, the basecoat was still sticky and helped keep the pattern in place. I then placed the stripes on top to get a cool overlapping look. nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-ironing I added the compass pattern to the final project and left it at a lighter color for some visual depth. The harder and longer you iron, the darker the color will be. nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-ironing-closeup The painted patterns can be used for more than once but the color will be lighter and lighter each time. Just looking at these nautical icons makes me happy! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-fabric-transfered The "Design Your Own" canvas totes come with handles but I want to make it more nautical with twisted rope handles! And everything's nicer with some gold on it, right? nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-gold-eyelet So in 3 hours (mostly waiting for the ink to dry), I have a cute, chic, trendy nautical tote bag to use! nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag Let's go out and play in the sun, shall we? nina-yang-diy-nautical-tote-bag-closeup Wait, let's have the anchor patterns first! First Try Free Anchor Pattern (goes on the left of your bag) Second Try Free Anchor Pattern (goes on the right of your bag) Thank you for stopping by! Happy Crafting!