DesignTeamHeadshots-KatieGehringHi Everyone! Katie here with a round up of Friday inspiration that’s proves the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s right friends, we’re talking emojis. These cartoon-like creations not only help us express our feelings, but they are also seemingly bent on global domination. Look around- they’re everywhere and not just in your text messages. Now you can...

Eat feelings for breakfast…

Make breakfast more fun with some waffles and strategically arranged fruit. source

Love your walls

Emojis + marquee lighting… does it get any trendier than this? Emoji Marquee source

Wear your feelings on your sleeve (or your shirt)

In case there was any question, it’s Friday and I’m in love. Monday_thru_Sunday_Emoji_White_T_shirt_1024x1024 source

Dance, Dance, Dance

One can only hope that the theme from Flashdance (Oh what a feeling) featured heavily on this party’s playlist. TheAlisonShow-Feelings-Fest-Party-30 source

Celebrate with Emoji Easter Eggs

Here you thought that Peeps were the best thing about Easter! DIY-Emoji-Easter-Eggs4-600x900 source

My card

I decided to try my hand at an emoji card using the Warm Wishes stamp set and the Doily Square die. One of the sentiments from the Tiger and Lily stamp set contained the perfect saying. Stop by my blog to see more- including a tip for how I lined up all those smiley faces. Gehring- WFC- Emoji Smile Thanks for stopping by! Katie